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  • Top Coolest Replica Monuments in the US

    Although we find it difficult to accept, sometimes we have to face the facts and just admit it to ourselves that we will never have all the time or resources to see everything there is to see (that unless someone discovers teleportation or the secret of immortality during our lifetime).

    I don’t mean to sound all pessimistic and grim, so I will rater get to the point: if you really care for a mugshot of yours that has the Colosseum or the Eiffel tower on the background,  you don’t necessarily to go through all that pain of getting to Italy or France. All across the Unites States, you will find the most unbelievable replicas of these famous monuments; from the Greek Parthenon to Eiffel tower itself, here is where you can find the best of the nation’s replica landmarks:

    Parthenon – Nashville, Tennessee

    When the ancient Greeks built the Parthenon temple, they meant to bring a homage to the wise goddess Athena, the daughter of Zeus and the patron-saint/goddess of this powerful city state. Rising atop the Acropolis, the Parthenon from Athens is a remarkable reminiscence of the Classical Hellenistic Age. As for its full-size replica form Centennial Park, Nashville, it has preserved the same elegance and proportions, minus the venerable cracks and rusty spots. 

    London Bridge – Lake Havasu, Arizona

    The London Bridge located at Lake Havasu, Arizona, is much more than a replica: it is actually the real deals, which resulted from one of the strangest transactions in history. The British have literally sold their bridge and allowed American business man Robert McCulloch to tear it down and reconstruct it stone by stone at the other side of the ocean.  

    Stonehenge 2 – Kerville, Texas

    The pre-historic sanctuary of Stonehenge might as well be the most cloned monument in the world: one can found at least 20 replicas only across the Unites States. Some of them might be made of foam and all kinds of weird materials, but Stonehenge 2 in Kerriville, Texas, is the closer to the real one: about  60% the size of the original and made of plaster-covered steed, this faithful replica is even cooler, as it is surrounded by some huge limestone replicas of the Easter Island statues.   

    Eiffel Tower Las Vegas, Nevada

    No matter if you consider Las Vegas to be the Entertainment Capital of the World of the Sin City, the truth is that its mind-blowing, eye-catching attractions might use a little improvement on the aesthetic chapter, but can be pretty remarkable in terms of technique. The Eiffel Tower replica which is part of the Paris Casino has half the size of the real tower, is about 540 foot tall and is fully equipped with a glass elevator, offering a an unforgettable panorama of the Las Vegas Strip. 

    San Francisco City Hall, California

    Surprisingly or not, San Francisco’s imposing City Hall is a partial replica of a previous hall, destroyed in an earthquake, and also of French monument – the Dome of Invalids (famous for being home to Napoleon’s grave). Inspired by the dome’s daring baroque lines and decorations, the American architect Arthur Brown, Jr. has created one of the highest such constructions in the whole world, but in the most authentic American Renaissance style.  

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