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  • World’s Most Long-lasting Restaurants

    Eating out has always been a powerful socialization tool. The first restaurants where not only places where you could taste the latest culinary delicacies, but also places to interact with the others, confirm your social status or simply meet new people.

    All across the world we can find restaurants that have managed to survive centuries of progress, in which trends and habits have radically changed. However, these restaurants have somehow managed to survive, always sustained by the people’s need for a palace socialize and be surprised by the most unexpected combinations of flavors (there are gourmands among us, let us keep that in mind). As eating out is also mandatory for a complete travel experience, today we give you a brief list of world’s oldest and most prestigious restaurants:

    Restaurante Botin, Madrid

    Few passers-by would ever enter the polished wooden doors of Restaurante Botin judging solely by its modest appearance. However, this madrilenian restaurant dating back to the times of King Philip II (the exact opening year would be 1561) is officially recognized as the oldest functioning restaurant in the world. The restaurant’s most famous dish is represented by Roast Sucking Pig, along with an impressive selection of European and Spanish wines.

    Tavares, Lisbon

    From its blinding crystal chandeliers to its masterfully prepared dishes, Tavares Restaurant in Lisbon is everything that your would expect from a top notch restaurant.  Since its opening in 1874, the restaurant has managed to gather the most exclusive clientèle; from rushed business men to country ambassadors, everybody has been charmed by the refinement of such dishes as the Quail with Cherries or Baked Codfish, served with supreme elegance by professional waiters.

    Union Oyster House, Boston

    With its red brick facade and vintage add, Union Oyster House has long imposed itself as one of Boston’s top attractions. Established in 1826, at a time when oysters were as popular as today’s Chinese take-outs, the restaurant has made a tradition from serving their dozens of freshly picked Cape Cod oysters, seafood chowders and in-house desserts like Boston Cream Pie or Hot Indian Pudding.

    Rules Restaurant, London

    Judging by what we discovered so far, respect towards customers and the simplicity of the menu seems to be the secret ingredient behind the longevity of these veteran restaurants. As for Rules Restaurant in London, things couldn’t been clearer: its golden puddings, mouthwatering pies and game steaks have been brought to perfection during the restaurant’s over 2 centuries of existence.

    La Petite Chaise, Paris

    Our list just couldn’t have been complete without the mentioning of La Petite Chaise, one of the oldest restaurants in Paris and the only one to function in the same building for almost 350 years! It makes no sense to praise the unequaled refinement of French cuisine here, but let us just add that eating at La Petite Chaise means eating under the same roof like Philip de Orleans, Alfred de Musset, Chateaubriand or Vidoq did centuries ago.

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