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  • America’s Most Sensational Islands

    Considering the United States’ thousands of miles of coastline, most vacationers hardly ever consider the country’s numerous islands and islets when it comes to spending the holidays.

    There are, of course, those iconic islands that represent almost a patriotic duty for every good-faithed American – like the historic Staten Island, Ellis Island, or the exotic Hawaii, the ultimate honeymoon retreat. But there are hundreds of other islands, many of them hardly ever affected by the nuisance of civilization, that can represent a true revelation for the daring traveler. Today we give you five of the most sensational US islands:

    Mackinac Island, Michigan

    Considered as one of the most diverse islands withing the United States, Mackinac Island has all the attributes of a first class summer destination: this island is nothing but a huge natural park, where history and fine arts can be encounted at every step. It strategic position in the middle of the Mackinac Strait has lead into Mackinac becoming the site of two dramatic battles.

    Although the island’s numerous historic monuments and rusty charm make it a popular destination, in the absence of motor vehicles, peace and relaxation are guaranteed.

    Sanibel Island, Florida

    Entire kilometers of white sand beaches, supple palm trees and a very eco-friendly local community make Sanibel a great destination for anyone longing for that hot Florida sun. And if you are thinking that such a small island is not challenging enough for an adventurer like you, think again: Sanibel could easily be considered as America’s shelling paradise.

    Chincoteague Island, Virginia

    Combining Virginia’s famous hospitality with dozens of outdoor activities and some endemic traditions, Chincoteague makes the perfect destination for any outdoor loving family. The best time to visit the island is during the last week of July, when Chincoteague becomes host to the annual pony swim and penning.

    But the sight of several dozen ponies galloping through the shallow waters of the Atlantic represents only one of the unique views that this small island so generously offers: Chincoteague’s beaches are a birdwatchers paradise, breeding species like the egret, swan, wild geese and herons.

    Balboa, California

    Just forget about Malibu or Beverly Hills: with properties that are no bigger than 30 square feet and worth several millions dollars, Balboa is for California what Dubai is for the rest of the world. And the most amazing thing abound Balboa, except for it being situated in the exuberant Orange Country and being inhabited by wealthy business men and Hollywood stars, is that Balboa is not even an island: its actual configuration is a consequence of a 19th century entrepreneur’s attempts to make the Newport Bay navigable.

    Fire Island, New York

    Just a few marine miles away for the buzzing and sophisticated New York, Fire Island makes a warm refugee, where outdoorsy new-yorkers come every weekend to get their share of water and sun. Popular activities include boating, surfing, clamming and biking. As for the island’s nightlife, let us just say that  the spirit of NYC can be highly contagious.

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