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  • Sporting events you must attend before you die

    Going to a sports event is one o those things that you have to experience at least once during your lifetime, even if you are not into sports (except maybe the occasional soccer or ball game with friends), or worse, even if you are a couch potato when you’re not traveling. It’s not even compulsory to know anything about sports in order to enjoy a sporting event – you’ll love it all the same.

    The excitement of rooting for a team or an athlete and cheering together with the other spectators is a unique feeling, and you never know, you might even become a sports fan after an event like this. So here are the most exciting sporting events that you should attend before you die.

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    Formula 1

    Some sporting philistines dismiss F1 because it’s nothing more than cars chasing one another on a weird looking track, but anyone’s who’s ever paid attention to an F1 race knows that there is much more to this sport than simple speed.

    Watching the antics of F1 drivers trying to outspeed each other and resorting to various tricks and manoeuvrings while hearing the deafening roars of the fastest cars on earth – pure bliss. Besides, you get to see some really interesting places: Monaco, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Suzuka, Budapest and many others.


    A tennis tournament steeped in old-world class and manners, held at none other than a charming London suburb. Besides the exciting tennis matches (where you might get a glimpse of the British aristocracy, too, if you’re lucky), you can also see London in June and July. There’s actually a dress code in Wimbledon, so air out your Sunday best, and also, it’s a tradition to eat strawberries and cream.

    Tour de France

    Tour de France might demand a longer holiday (it lasts fro 23 days), but the beauty if attending it is that you don’t have to stay for the entire length of the tour. Maybe you want to see only the laps of Champs Elysées (which is not much of a challenge for the bikers…but it’s the Champs Elysées), or maybe the insanely difficult Mont Ventoux stage. In any case, between some cheering and rooting for your favourite biker, you can grab some delicious lunch in a French hamlet, and a bottle of good wine to go with it.

    World Figure Skating Championships

    Anyone who dares to say that figure skating is for sissies has obviously never seen a triple axel. Figure skating blends art and athletics in a mix of grace, frills, colour, music and some seriously dangerous jumps. Except for the Olympics, this is the most important sporting event in the world of figure skating, and you don’t have to wait four years for it.

    The Olympic Games

    The Olympics doesn’t even need a description anymore, seeing as it’s probably the best known sporting event in the world. The fact that it is held only every  four years (and in some really interesting locations, too), only makes the excitement grow. It doesn’t matter which sport you are watching, national pride is the only thing that matters at the Olympics.

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