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  • Europe’s Biggest Flea Markets

    Does you idea of traveling involve collecting some vintage postcards and a worn-out t-shirt from every city you visit? Do you enjoy the smell of old furniture, are still taking photos with an ancient film camera and love to let yourself go along with the Sunday crowd?

    Then flea markets might just be the place for you: here, your stakes to meet some very interesting locals and purchase a new oddity to decorate your living room are considerably high. From spontaneous and quasi-illegal street fairs to some the oldest antique markets in Europe, here are our choices of Europe’s best flea markets:

    Lille, France

    There is no doubt that the city of Lille is home to the world’s most famous flea market. Although La Braderie takes place only once in a year, it manages to attract thousands of tourists. Strolling up and down Lille’s historic streets you will find the most unexpected objects, from old paintings to second-hand DVD players.

    In order to help you make a better picture about La Braderie, let’s just mention that this September event comes with a whole ritual of eating and partying and that there are over 200 km of stalls you can check out.

    Riga, Latvia

    Right near the central station, at the intersection of Gogola and Dzirnavu streets, you will find Riga’s most interesting and most controversial market. From Soviet and Nazi relics to pirated CD’s, there is nothing you cannot find in Latgalite’s enormous halls.

    Just pay attention at what you buy, as Latgalite is constantly under the surveillance of the police (the local authorities even tried to shut it down in several occasions), which can only make a visit to Latgalite even more exciting.

    Brussels, Belgium

    The fact that Brusells is somehow the informal capital of Europe doesn’t stop this Belgian city form hosting one of the biggest flea markets on the continent. The best thing about Place du Jeu de Balle is the fact that it’s open on a daily basis. This way, antique sellers and antique aficionados can enjoy all day long the ancient art of bargaining over some Art-deco lamp, old Polaroid camera or tinned music box.

    Athens, Greece

    Monastiraki flea market has been part of the Athenian lifestyle for quite a while now. Although Monastiraki in not a Flea market per se, but more like a shopping district, Athenians like to come here every Sunday morning, set up a small table or just roll a table cloth on the street and try to sell all kinds of products, from Byzantine icons to home-made jewelry.

    Barcelona, Spain

    Where else could one hope to put his hands on some original souvenirs if not in Barcelona’s Mercantic? An abandoned porcelain factory has been transformed into this huge market for “furniture, antiques and curiosities”. Not very far from the city center, the establishment spreads over 10000 m2 and is open daily form 9:30 am to 8 pm.

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    tony wrote on August 8, 2012:

    when is the market held in Rigas Latgalites Halls can someone tell me ..

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