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    Although Sacramento is California’s capital, the city has always lived in the shadow of the much acclaimed Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you happen to spend some days in the Lovely California, it is worth taking a trip to the state’s capital. Sacramento’s old district still preserves much of the Old West look, with its cobbled streets, steam locomotives and paddle boats navigating down the river.
    Visiting Old Sacramento and its historic attractions will help you make an idea about how Sacramento looked like in the 19th century, when the Gold Rush had reached its peak (you’ll find more information on Sacramento’s attraction in this Sacramento Travel Guide).

    As for the new Sacramento, it is a city that never sleeps: its numerous events and thriving nightlife don’t allow you to get bored. Sacramento is also distinguishable for its prolific jazz scene: not attending a jazz concert or event while in Sacramento would be a major mistake (some would even take it as an offense).
    Sacramento jazz, a perpetuator of Dixieland Jazz, is appreciated all over the nation. This is the reason why I founded interesting to present you some of the ways in which you could get more familiar with this variety of jazz and understands its role within the Sacramento music scene.

    Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

    The next edition of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee will is going to be held between the 28th and the 31st of May, 2009. ¬†The festival started up as a Memorial Day Weekend tradition and grew up to be one of the biggest jazz events on the West Coast. The best jazz musicians and bands from across the United States and Canada are gathering for each edition to enchant the audience with classic songs and jamming sessions. Since its first edition in 1974, Sacramento Jazz Festival has fed jazz passionates with a variety of styles, from ragtime and traditional jazz to New Orleans funk and Rockin’ Blues.

    Sacramento Jazz Bars

    There no reason to despair if you happened to miss the Jubilee – in Sacramento, jazz happens on a daily basis. You’ll find plenty of Jazz bars scattered across the city, where you can just seat back and listen to good quality live music. One of the most popular jazz places in Sacramento is Harlows, situated right in Sacramento downtown area. ¬†Other options include Chili’s Grill and Bar, Mamasake and Tunel 21.

    Sacramento Jazz Schools

    Much effort has been made by non-profit organizations in order to keep Sacramento’s jazz tradition alive and flourishing. If you are an aspiring jazz musician, maybe you’d find it useful to join Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp, organized each summer by jazz enthusiasts who are part of Sacramento’s Traditional Jazz Society.
    Sacramento State University has also developed a Jazz Studies program that addresses any musician pursuing a career in this field, as well as would-be music historians. As a novice jazz musician (or listener) you will be able join the Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival, whose next edition will be held on the 13th of February, 2010.

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