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    Anaheim’s remarkable location, right in the middle of the kingdom of oranges (or, as we know it today, Orange County, California) is a good enough reason for us to realize that Anaheim had been always predestined to become famous.

    But more than a century had passed since Anaheim’s foundation by a group of German settles till one of the most creative minds of the 20th century, Walt Disney, decided to make another one of his daring dreams cone true and create an amusement park.

    Within only a few years, Disneyland became on the greatest attractions in the United States, bringing in millions of tourists each year. The creation of a Disney-themed park generated a wave of hysteria: even if it was inaugurated in 1955, Disneyland continues to represent a top attraction: a recent study shows that the park is visited each year by over 14 million people. But let’s make it clear: the construction of Disneyland didn’t overshadow Anaheim’s attractions: by contrary, it helped Anaheim to become of the most flourishing cities in California.

    Whether you decide to ride the rollercoasters and take a picture with Mickey Mouse or you’re there to attend some Anaheim sports event, you have to remember than Anaheim and Disneyland are inseparable. And just to prove myself right, here are some guidelines on Disneyland and Anaheim hottest attractions.

    Mickey’s World

    When he dreamt about building a gigantic entertainment park, Walt Disney couldn’t have predicted the huge success of his enterprise (actually, Walt Disney’s initial idea had been to build a Mickey Mouse Park). Half a century later, with several other parks opened across the United States and two others in Tokyo and Paris, visiting a Disney park represents the dream of every kid.

    Disneyland has reached the point where an entire family can spend there a whole week, without the risk of getting bored. Children and grown-up alike enjoy exploring Disneyland’s magical worlds (Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland or Tomorrowland), jumping from ride to ride and attending the captivating shows.

    From Alice in Wonderland to the Forest Moon of Endor, everything comes to live in Disneyland. Almost every time when Disney launches a block-buster movie, a new attraction comes to complete the Disneyland experience.

    In addition to all these entertainment facilities, Disneyland visitors can also enjoy some high-class accommodation and numerous restaurants and fast-foods: Troubadour’s Tavern, Blue Bayou, Kellog’s or Carnation CafĂ© are only a few examples.

    The City of Santa Ana

    Part of Anaheim’s name is due to the city’s location on the Santa Ana River (the rest of it, however, is of German origin). When, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Disney Company decided to transform Disneyland park into an entire resort, Anaheim had only to gain from the whole business.

    Entire streets had been renovated and serious investments were made in order to make Anaheim look more attractive and tourist friendly.

    The most popular Anaheim attractions consist of the city’s famous art museum (MUZEO), its huge ice-skating rink (Anaheim Ice), as well as an impressive number of sports facilities, including some first-rate golf courses. (You’ll find most of Anaheim’s attractions listed in this Anaheim Travel Guide.)

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    Anaheim Girl wrote on February 5, 2011:

    I love Disneyland. Everyone should come here at least once in their life.

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