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  • Be Smart, Save Money, and Think Before You Travel

    Nearly every traveler I’ve met is looking for ways to spend less money, have a better time, and get more from their journey. The funny part is that the obvious way to do all three of these usually doesn’t occur to people until it is already too late. Think ahead and be prepared.

    Some people say that any kind of organized preparation takes the spontaneity out of a voyage or trip, but in fact, it doesn’t have to. It can really do the opposite and give you plenty of new insights, exciting spots to see, and create a heightened sense of anticipation paired with a trip that promises to be hassle free. Here are five great ways to think ahead.

    Research your destination.

    Even before you buy your tickets or start thinking about what to take with you, you should be doing some in depth research into your intended destination. You aren’t going to spoil the surprise of anything. Instead you will know what is worthwhile to see and what is worthwhile to miss.

    Great places to look are guiedbooks in the library or bookstore, on travel sites such as Travel Grove, and other internet forums and sites. Learn all you can about the prices, customs, hotel or hostel options, cities, language, and transportation. Trust me, even if you spend months preparing, you will still find some surprises.

    Save by Booking Early

    By booking in advance you are more likely to have a money saving fare. By giving yourself plenty of time you can learn what the good prices are and watch for bargains using social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

    Have an Itinerary

    Before you book your ticket, you should have an idea of what you want to do and when you will do it. This doesn’t have to be a locked down time table, but by knowing approximately when you will be in any given place, you can start to make plans to meet up with friends, couchsurfers, or even get mail!

    Don’t Pack Heavy

    There is no reason to bring along a steamer trunk full of possessions. Pack light. A couple of outfits with interchangeable parts should do the trick. If you are going to the desert, don’t bring a parka. Use your common sense. Do you really need to bring a big fluffy towel that will take 24 hours to dry? Do you really need three pairs of shoes?

    Travel Safety

    Be sure to read the warnings and cautions about the country you will be visiting. Make sure that you have backups of essential medicines and copies of prescriptions. Be prepared for small accidents with a small first aid kit.

    And above all, make sure that you take the chance to try new things and take some risks in your travels.
    Great travel is really a matter of letting yourself escape from the everyday grind of life. Think ahead, but give yourself some chances to be spontaneous and you will have the trip of a lifetime.

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