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    When I start getting attached to a themed, niche blog (in my case the niche is usually traveling) I always like it when the authors bring out those small personal elements into play, making you feel part of their adventures. In this regard, travel writers have a very similar mission to that of actors who have to play their role to the best of their abilities, sucking you into the character and stirring up positive or negative emotions from their viewers.

    It’s one of the reasons I love blogs that combine travel experiences with personal insights, a combination that lets you connect better with the person you’re reading about and it’s this same reason that got me hooked on, the work of Kat Calvin.

    Kat develops her blog on both travel and personal subjects, often tying them into a single knot, which makes the author-reader bond a lot stronger and it’s this type of bond that can make each of her travel stories read so nicely. True, if you’re just looking for travel posts with dozens of exotic pictures and ongoing adventures around the World, bapworld might not be an exact match for what you’re looking for. But if you’re like me and enjoy reading about and knowing the people behind the blogs as well, then Kat’s bapworld is truly an interesting read.

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