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  • Karan’s Guesthouse and Indian Hospitality

    Once you landed on Karan’s Guesthouse and after skimming through the blog’s posts, you’ll feel like an old history book had just opened its yellow pages and you’re about to find out all this fascinating legends that hide behind the foundation of a temple, the unsuspected bustle that brings about the hosting of an art gallery or simply interesting things an eager-to-know traveler should be aware of when setting his foot on the unique Indian district of Rajasthan.

    To be more precise, when it comes to his articles, the blog’s author puts into practice this magic receipt that smites you right on the spot: he covers the interesting, useful information about a particular sight with a story aura. Not only will you be captivated by the post, but you’ll want more and more. And luckily, the blog comprises a big roster of destinations a traveler shouldn’t miss when in the district of Rajasthan with their corresponding tale. Absorbing, amusing or simple events from the every-day life in the Indian society find their particular place in Karan’s Guesthouse, as well as an album with beautiful pictures of Indian sights, published for you to satisfy your curiosity.

    And provided you’re starved after all this reading, the blogger posted all this mouth-watering, traditional and personal receipts that you can turn into a home-cooked meal. Check out this yummy post for example.

    After leaving Karan’s lively guesthouse, you’ll be perfectly in tune with the journeys presented in her articles. And I guess that’s the true goal of every travelling site, isn’t it?

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