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    As the most popular and inviting tourist destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand is not only a place of natural beauty, but also of extraordinary cultural accomplishments. Thai culture, with its rich mythology, religion, architecture and art, produced incredible monuments, buildings and institutions which can turn every holiday into an unforgettable experience.

    For a tourist, there are hundreds, if not more, cultural attractions which can fill more than a couple of weeks of travel. So whichever portion of Thailand you are planning on visiting, you are guaranteed to see quite a few of the best cultural attractions in Thailand, and here are some of them.

    The Grand Palace, Bangkok

    Bangkok is full of cultural attractions, from temples to museums and other interesting buildings. The Grand Palace is one of the most spectacular palaces in the world – a building that served as the official residence of the kings of Thailand for the past couple of centuries. Inside the palace, there is a beautiful temple housing a striking Buddha statue carved from jade, incidentally one of the most important artifacts for Thai Buddhists.

    Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

    This unique Hindu Shrine houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai version of the Hindu god of creation, Brahma. In return of having their prayers answered, the worshipers often hire traditional Thai dance troupes to perform at the shrine. Although it is small, the sparkling, goldenĀ  shrine is one of the most popular attractions in the city.

    Old Phuket Town, Phuket

    photo by Hikosaemon

    The old town of Phuket is a piece of the past preserved on a few streets like Soi Romanee, Thalang Road and Krabi Road, with little Chinese shops dating back to more than a hundred years ago and colonial Chinese-Portuguese architectur, much of which has been recently restored. Check out the Blue Elephant restaurant, housed in an atmospheric colonial building.

    Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Ayutthaya

    The largest temple complex in the old capital of Thailand is located near the royal palace of Ayutthaya, and it served as royal temple for a long time. The temple was built in the 15th century, and it is famous for its numerous chedis (Thai-style stupas), many of which have been restored.

    Sukhothai Historical Park

    The ancient city of Sukhothai, located near the modern Sukhothai, is one of the most astonishing historical sites in Thailand. The ruins of the ancient city has been integrated into Sukhothai Historical Park, and extensively restored. It can be explored on foot or bike, and it’s beautiful especially at sunrise.

    Phimai Historical Park, Phimai

    Phimai Historical Park is one of the most important Khmer temple complexes in Thailand, and it is one of the ends of the ancient Khmer highway from Angkor. Almost as big as the Angkor complex and equally beautiful, if somewhat less known.

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