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    Around two thirds of the planet’s surface is made up of water, so if there ever was a great way to explore as much of its as possible, then it’s by boat. The uninitiated might think that sailing is much less exciting than traveling on land, but those who have sailed (and enjoyed it) know that a good sailing destination can be just as amazing as any tourist attraction on land.

    Like any sort of travel, the quality of a sailing trip depends on many things, including your destination. So if you are are just getting a taste of sailing, you should start with some of the best sailing destinations in the world.


    The island nation of Tonga in Polynesia is one of the most perfect island paradises in the Pacific, more laid back than others and also more tied to its traditional culture. That is not to say that Tonga lacks a modern side, quite the opposite.

    The natural beauty of the Tonga is obvious both on land, under the water, and above it too. There’s a lot of great sailing along the sandy white beaches, and you might also be lucky to catch a glimpse of humpback whales.

    Bay of Islands, New Zealand

    Bay of Islands, photo by Bruce Tuten on Flickr

    Sailing is the most fun when there are lots of things to see on the way, and in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand you won’t know where to look first. There are dozens and dozens of small islands in the bay, sheltering various wildlife.

    Sail along the fifty mile beach, between the islands, enjoy the views of the shore and the sight of dolphins, penguins and other marine animals.

    Phuket, Thailand

    The largest island in Thailand is one of the most popular destination in the country for party people, beach goers and explorers, but the many delights of the island don’t stop at the shore.

    The bays and coves of Phuket, with their pristine beaches, cliffs and lush vegetation are a marvelous sight, and the clear blue waters are just perfect for sailing.

    Gulf of Naples, Italy

    Tonga, photo by Sarah Kelemen on FlickrGreece, Turkey and other destinations in the Mediterranean attract the bulk of tourists who come for the sailing, so the Gulf of Naples remains to this day a hidden gem that is worth considering if you want to see some different, and to avoid the crowds.

    The Amalfi Coast with its small seaside villages, the Island of Capri, and other assorted village stops provide the spice of this great sailing destination.

    Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Halong Bay is one of the most iconic spots in Vietnam, and its impressive karst mountains make for great postcard images and film shooting sites. A boat trip around the bay is a must for anyone who’s traveling in the area, and if you’d rather rent your own boat and explore the bay and sail around the karst towers, you can do exactly that.

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