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  • The best sailing destinations in the world

    Vietnam, Halong Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Around two thirds of the planet’s surface is made up of water, so if there ever was a great way to explore as much of its as possible, then it’s by boat. The uninitiated might think that sailing is much less exciting than traveling on land, but those who have sailed (and enjoyed it) know that a good sailing destination can be just as amazing as any tourist attraction on land. Like any sort of travel, the quality of a sailing trip depends on many things, including your destination. So if you are are just getting a taste of sailing, you should start with some of the best sailing destinations in the world.

  • Summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations

    Kathmandu, Nepal, photo by lavenderstreak on FlickrSummer is the best time for a holiday in many parts of the world, but it can also be a peak season when prices can be really high. There’s a lazy,laid back atmosphere floating around in summer that makes you want to take off to some remote part of the world and forget about work or school for a while. And while summer holidays have always been popular, a rising trend among vacationers is to go on volunteering holidays. People volunteer for a variety of reasons, some because they genuinely want to help, and others as a way of expanding their horizons and traveling far away on a tight budget. Whatever your motivations, here are some ideas for your summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations where you can share your skills, do some good and meet fellow travelers and locals.

  • The best river cruises in Asia

    Yangtze cruise, photo by Jack Zalium on Flickr

    The oceans and seas around the Asian continent couldn’t be better for a relaxing cruise, if you want to fit in some island hopping into your holiday too. But as fun as it is to wander the high seas around Asia on a luxury boat, making your way into the continent on one of its many river can afford you some similarly unforgettable experiences. Many rivers on the vast Asian continent are so beautiful that they have become a thing of legends, and sailing on them for a couple of weeks will not only give you an eyefull of lovely landscapes, but it will allow you to learn a thing or two about the country’s culture as well. Here are some of the best river cruises in Asia for those who like to sail.

  • The best markets and bazaars in the world

    Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, photo by mwanasimba on Flickr

    If you really want to discover the heart of a city, don’t look for it in the nicely polished and renovated historical centers, sleek business and shopping districts, or even small cozy neighborhoods. More often than not, it’s enough to visit the biggest market of a particular destination to see all the things that define it. For a traveler, markets might be a good source of souvenirs or cheap food, but they can also be attractions by themselves, showcasing the diversity and mundane bustle of a city. You don’t even need to shop to enjoy a trip to some of the best markets and bazaars in the world, even if the temptation will be hard to resist for many.

  • The spookiest buildings in the world

    Wat Rong Khun, photo by beggs on Flickr

    Buildings can favor function over form, or be a feast for the eyes, or both, but in some cases the form seems to be intended not to give architects and architecture fans shiver or delight, but shivers of a different kind. To put it simply, some buildings in the world are creepy, so much that many would prefer to sleep without a roof over their head rather than spend the night in these monstrous structures. Whether the creepy factor was an accident or an attempt to instill awe in onlookers and residents is a matter of debate. What’s certain is that some of the spookiest buildings in the world can easily become nightmare fodder for those with impressionable imaginations.

  • The most spectacular waterfalls in Asia


    Shiraito Fall, photo by Zengame on Flickr

    Niagara, Angel Falls, Victoria Falls, Plitvice Falls. Almost every continent in the world is home to a few of the world’s most famous waterfalls, but when it comes to Asia, not many waterfalls are the topic of conversations. But Asia can boast of some of the most stunning natural sights in the world, and there are more than enough waterfalls on this vast continent that could do with a little more attention. There are countless waterfalls in Asia that could easily compete in terms of beauty and sheer awesomeness with any of the ‘stars’, and any list of the most spectacular waterfalls in Asia only manages to scratch the surface!

  • The best spring events in Asia

    Takayama Spring Festival, photo by Paul Robinson

    Spring is coming in Asia, and even if in some parts of this vast continent the season is not noticeable as in the northern areas, people everywhere celebrate it with festivals, dances and other events. Traveling through Asia this time of the year allows you to be part of these yearly rituals, and experience firsthand the culture of the country you’re visiting. Small events that few travelers find out about will be happening in towns, cities, villages, but a few of them are famous enough to draw people from all over the world. So if you find yourself in Asia in the next few months, here are some of the best spring events in Asia that you might want to attend.

  • The best rooftop bars in the world

    Gravity Bar, Dublin, photo by Sergio Fernandez

    What can be better than sipping a drink in a great bar, in some faraway part of the world, while you’re traveling like there’s no tomorrow? Try doing the same thing, but with a view. If need a change of scenery from dimly lit underground bars with no windows (despite their charm), then how about moving several dozen stories up? There’s no better way to get a good look at a city than sitting in a rooftop bar, with the brightly lit urban sprawl at your feet. The best rooftop bars in the world are always chic, but the sometimes overpriced cocktails are a small price to pay for the amazing view!

  • Warm travel destinations for the winter months

    Anguilla, photo by alljengi on Flickr

    If you’re living in a corner of the planet where winters can be harsh or rainy, chances are that you’re not overly fond of the cold season, and even if you are not averse to snow every now and then, it’s possible that after a month or two of subzero temperatures all you want is a bit of warm sunshine. Luckily, no matter how awful the weather is in your part of the world, there will always be a place where it feels like summer, and where you can get rid of the winter blues by enjoying clear blue skies and weather that allows you to wear something other than winter coats. For a summery escape, visit one of the warm travel destinations for winter months!

  • Where to celebrate Easter in 2012

    Rio de Janeiro, photo by Jorje Andrade

    April is still a long way off, but when planning a trip it’s never too early to start thinking about where to go, when to go, and to snoop out any possible deals for accommodation and travel. This is the perfect time to look at some possible destinations for Easter if you don’t want to spend it at home. In many parts of the world that celebrate Easter there are numbers of interesting holiday customs and traditions that make a trip interesting even for non-religious folks. So here are some suggestions on where to celebrate Easter in 2012.

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