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  • Top 5 offbeat travel destinations in Asia

    Ha Long Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Asia is chock full of exciting and popular tourist destinations, and each Asian country has several ‘staple’ destinations which absolutely cannot miss from the itinerary of a first-time traveler to a particular destination.

    But after you’ve seen the popular sights, you’ll still have lots of places to visit, especially if what you’re looking for is a little more offbeat than usual. When your traveler-sense is yearning for something out of the ordinary, you can visit some of these top 5 offbeat travel destinations in Asia.

    Taal Volcano, Luzon, Philippines

    photo by therealbrute

    If you happen to visit the city of Tagaytay in Philippines, you can revel in one of the most amazing views in the country: the Taal Volcano on Luzon Island.

    The volcano complex is visible from Tagaytay Ridge: a lake within a volcano within a lake located in a prehistoric caldera. Taal is also the smallest active volcano in the world, and while it might spout some smoke and ashes, you don’t need to get too close in order to admire it.

    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay has long been a UNESCO world heritage site, and as such it is a popular tourist destination. But the amazing karst landscape has another side, little visited by tourists, but well known to locals. Instead of admiring the landscape from a boat in the middle of the bay, take the land route to the north west of the bay. The karsts look even more impressive, and the lush green landscape looks like a piece of paradise.

    East Timor

    The tiny island nation of East Timor is not exactly in the limelight of tourist guides and brochures, but if you dare to take a step into the (relatively unknown) you will be surprised to find island paradises untainted by overdevelopment and populated  by extremely friendly people. This young country has plenty of lovely beaches and pristine countryside to explore.

    Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh, India

    Rajgarh is an incredibly scenic valley in Himachal Pradesh, and due to its huge number of peach orchards, it has been nicknamed the peach bowl of India. Needless to say, March through April the valley looks fantastic thanks to the sea of pink peach blossoms decorating it. The valley is dotted with picturesque lakes, quite a few historic and cultural attractions, and plenty of camping grounds.

    Doha, Qatar

    If you’ve been considering traveling to Dubai but the overpriced luxury and the crowds seemed too much for you, here’s a great alternative: the much quieter, more naturally beautiful Doha, the capital of Qatar.

    In many ways, Doha is just as modern and exciting as Dubai, but is has some unique and very interesting attractions, like the Museum of Islamic Arts, Al Koot Fort or Doha Heritage Village.

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