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  • The most spectacular volcanoes in Asia

    Mount Bromo, photo by Michael Day on Flickr

    Volcanoes might seem like lava spitting, smoke belching hell machines (and they really are that, if you happen to live at the base of an active volcano), but travelers with a sense of adventure will always want to see them in person, simply because volcanoes tend to be some of the most impressive natural sites on the planet.

    Whether you want to see a destructive force of nature from a safe distance, or to see the extinct remains of a volcano that has most certainly terrorized a lot of people in the past, you should head to the Asian continent, home to some of the most impressive volcanoes on the planet. If you like visiting exciting natural sites, travel to see some of the most spectacular volcanoes in Asia.

    Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, East Java, Indonesia

    Mount Bromo blew off its top and now has a considerable crater in its middle, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped spitting thick sulfurous smoke. The volcano is located in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, along with Mount Semeru, the most active volcano in Indonesia, who keeps belching up steam, smoke and rocks every half an hour. There are several viewpoints in the park from where you can see the volcanoes without being in any danger.

    Krakatoa, Anak Krakatau, Indonesia

    Mount Aso, photo by luna76 on Flickr

    Krakatoa volcano is famous for its eruption in 1883, which was so powerful that the explosion was felt as far as Australia and India, and the ocean water instantly turned to steam when the hot lava poured into it, while the chunks of volcano that fell into the sea created huge sweeping tsunami waves. If you want to see the volcano (which is still erupting frequently), you must travel to the nearby Rakata Island.

    Mount Aso, Japan

    Japan’s Mount Fuji is a volcano and probably Japan’s most famous, but while a hike up Fuji seems like a pleasant walk in the park, Japan’s other famous volcano, Mount Aso, offers a more exciting experience.

    Mount Aso has one of the largest caldera in the world, and while it is still active, it is neither too dangerous or scary. There are two cable cars leading up to the caldera, so you get to see the whole landscape from above.

    Hallasan, Jeju Island, South Korea

    Hallasan, photo by Justin Ornellas on Flickr

    Hallasan is a massive shield volcano, and the symbol of the scenic Jeju Island. If other volcanoes are not exactly the best places to live for either humans, animals or plants, Hallasan is the exact opposite.

    The mountain is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, some of them unique. There are several hiking trails leading up to the top, where you can find the oldest Buddhist monastery on the island.

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