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  • The best Mediterranean island-hopping destinations

    Unlike tropical paradises where there’s sun and hot weather almost all year long, the islands of the Mediterranean Sea are a seasonal attraction for beach goers. So since you only get a few months per year to enjoy the Mediterranean islands, there’s all the more reason to hop on the plane or a boat and spend some time on the sun-drenched beaches of an island, nibbling on some aromatic local treat, perhaps under the shade of an olive bush laden with fruit.

    Hop from island from island and stay a few days on each of them, bask in the romantic, relaxed atmosphere of these place: visit some of the best Mediterranean island-hopping destinations.

    Sardinia, Italy

    Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, and although it is quite a boisterous place, it is mainly a retreat for those who prefer to spend their holiday in the middle of nature.

    The island has three lovely natural parks where you can walk, hike, cycle and spy on the local wildlife. If you want to laze on the beach, you can do that as well, lulled by the sweet smells of oleander and the gentle sea breeze.


    The island nation of Malta is a true melting pot of European, Near Eastern and North African influences, blended to perfection into a fascinating mix. Malta is not only naturally beautiful, with pristine beaches and turquoise water, but also a historical and cultural gem.

    The capital city, Valletta, still preserves much of its 16th century architecture, and taking a walk along the city walks at night is an unforgettable experience.

    Crete, Greece

    The largest Greek island is a place permeated with myths, history and art. Although the island is mainly known for its beaches and its varied and contrasting landscape, it is also a paradise for amateur historians and archaeologists who can visit the remnants of the Minoan civilization, Roman ruins and ancient caves and sacred sites.

    Majorca, Spain

    Majorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic islands, and a very popular travel destination among European tourists. People who like sunny beaches, mountain landscape and great Mediterranean food will love this island.

    While the coastline is a typical beach paradise, if you move inland you will discover that Majorca has more than that up its sleeve: hiking and cycling destinations, golfing, bird watching.

    Kekova, Turkey

    photo by Vladimer Shioshvili

    The Lycian coast or Turkey can only be described as stunning, and also a great place if you want to get as close to isolated as possible in the Mediterranean.

    Kekova island, close to the coastal village of Kaleköy, has not only amazing natural environment, but also the fascinating ruins of a Lycian ‘sunken city’.

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