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  • Top Things to See and Do on Corsica

    Corsica view

    Corsica view Lori Branham/Flickr

    Corsica is one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean Sea that is much less appreciated than it deserves to be. The island right at the northern edge of Sardinia is 3,350 square miles large and it belongs to France, but is closer to the shores of Italy. About 60% of the island is made up of a mountain chain that gives plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking, but Corsica – as you will see – has got a lot more to offer.

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    Beautiful things to see on Corsica

    The things to discover on Corsica begin right at your arrival to the capital city, Ajaccio with the Musee Fesch/ Musee des Beaux-Arts. This amazing museum that was established by the uncle of Napoleon Bonaparte hosts the works of art of legends such as Boticelli, Veronese, Titian, Fra Bartolomeo having the second widest collection of the paintings of Italian masters in France, right after the Louvre. A little unusual, but still interesting that in the crypt of Chapelle Inperiale of the museum are buried – or better to say entombed – several members of the general’s family.

    Dolmens of Filitosa, Corsica

    Dolmens of Filitosa ©Simon Cope/Flick

    The megalithic site of Filitosa in the southern part of Corsica is the Easter Islands of Europe. The prehistoric stone heads called dolmens or menhirs mysteriously watch the landscape and those who visit this spiritual place. According to archaeologists the stones were carved in the Neolithic era and represent warriors who have possibly fought the Egyptians

    On the southern tip of Corsica you can find the picturesque town of Bonifacio where you can find yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The town has got charming cobbled streets, hundreds of years old stone houses all over as well as small chapels. The top of all this beauty is the 9th century Citadel rising 60 meters above the harbor of Bonifacio. From the fort that also has a medieval drawbridge still used visitors can see the Strait of Bonifacio as well as the nearby island of Sardinia.©

    Things to do on Corsica

    Corsica has got many charms and its breathtaking coastline is one of them. If you have a little more time to spend on the island you can either rent a car or go on a short cruise to admire the high cliffs, the blue water and the beautiful flora. If you go with a car you can cross all the curvy 900 km roads leading you on the coastline around the island. If you are around the west coast of Balagne you should definitely stop at some of the beautiful villages of the area, the Gulf of Porto and Les Calanques with their breathtaking views and magnificent cliffs.

    Village on Corsica

    Village on Corsica Dolmens of Filitosa, Corsicacremona daniel/Flickr

    If you are something of a history buff you would surely like to follow a bit in the footsteps Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous and/or infamous French emperor. You can start at his birthplace in Ajaccio at what is now La Maison Bonaparte or The National Museum of the Bonaparte Residence. The house was destroyed by nationalists but later restored by Napoleon’s mother and now displays many personal items of the late emperor and his close family members.

    If you are the adventurous type – even the tiniest bit – than there are plenty of opportunities for you from unforgettable walks to a 15 day hiking trip to explore the beauties of the island on foot. Corsica has got more then one hundred peaks awaiting you with watchtowers, mountain top villas, citadels and olive groves – such beautiful places will make you forget how tired you are after a ling walk. In case you are even more adventurous – and fit enough – you can try yourself in the GR-20, which is short for Grane Randonne 20 route, one of the toughest hiking trails in Europe. It is 160 km long and takes you to peaks of nearly 1,000 m through beautiful villages and wild nature, but note that this little tour will take a couple of weeks to complete.

    The last, not not least important, thing you should do if you visit Corsica is to get local. Try the smallest restaurants, visit abandoned ruins and open your eyes for even the most treasures this small island has to offer you.

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