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    Le Mans, France

    Le Mans, France

    It’s everyone’s dream to visit France at least once in a lifetime. Due to its diversified landscapes and unique regions, this European country is a top list destination for tourists gathering from all the corners of the world. It is said that it takes more than one trip to discover all the impressive monuments, the towering castles and the overwhelming landscapes located on the map of the Hexagon. However, in order for you to familiarize with your future destination and to choose among the abundance of attractions the one that best meets your interests, we created an itinerary that covers all the worth seeing places in France.

    Nevertheless, for those of you who are willing to put into practice our trip plan and follow our itinerary step by step and sight by sight, a priceless, adventurous experience is yet to start. Having our plan vividly in your mind, you will get to follow in the French kings’ footsteps and visit castles, taste traditional dishes and degust wines and even arrive on the peaks of the Alps, ending your trip on the wonderful coastline, at the seaside. Hereby, we invite you to join us in an imaginary trip to the most romantic country in the whole world.


    Our itinerary starts with Brittany, a beautiful, old region situated in the north-west of France, a cultural heritage from the Celtic period. This region has a distinctive culture from the others in the country and this fact is proven by the Breton language the old native people are still using in various parts of this area. The countryside is mainly characterized by simplicity, dotted by small churches. In Rennes, the capital city of Brittany, there are many monuments that are worth a visit: Musée de Bretagne, Musée des Beaux-Arts and Palais de Justice. All this places aim at preserving the typical spirit of Brittany and all the traditions and things that are strongly related to it. A well-known, traditional dish in this side of the country is the crêpe (pancake). Whether sweet or salted, the crêpe has a special flavor and it’s often considered a delicacy by the foreign visitors. The Breton cuisine is also famous for its fine, thin butter.


    Continuing our journey, we arrive in the north of France, in the so-called Normandy. This region is appreciated mostly for its exquisite gastronomic specialties. If you’re fond of dainties, you might not want to miss the chance of tasting the creamy butter and the fresh cheese prepared here. The famous camembert, liverot are the gourmand traveler’s delight. An architectural marvel located in this region is Saint’s Michel Mount. In fact, this is a tidal island which comprises a Gothic-style church that was built centuries ago, many towers and fortifications, chapels and beautiful courtyards.


    Our next stop is in the region commonly known as Champagne. As its denomination symbolically states, it’s a territory where world-renowned Pinot Noir is made and where a tremendous range of vineyards is growing. Each traveler should take a sip of a French white dry wine or champagne because it’s the finest of all choices. It is interesting to mention that in the center of Troyes, the biggest town in this area, the boulevards are arranged in the form of a champagne cork.


    Travelling along and making our way towards the center of the country, we arrive in the City of Lights, Paris. The capital of France is crowded with touristic attractions. However, a meticulous traveler must not miss the Eiffel Tour, the symbol of France worldwide. It’s probably the most romantic spot in the whole country and many couples are sharing a long French kiss at its bottom. A great value day out in Paris should include: the Louvre Museum, the Arch of Triumph, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles. All these buildings are the eye-witnesses or a long series of historical happenings and admiring them is quite a thing! Bottom line is once you visited Paris, you will always want to come back.

    Cote d’Azur

    Our last stop is the French Riviera. This region is the perfect destination for the tourists that seek for a vacation in a mountain resort or at the seaside. On one hand, in the winter, the sport resorts in the Alps are always full. Tourists put their pair of ski on and enjoy the white fairytale snow.

    On the other hand, in the hot sunny summer, the wealthy tourists decide to tan their bodies on the beaches of Cannes or Saint Tropez. These resorts are famous for their exclusive five stars hotels and astonishing landscapes.

    Once you made such a tour, you are enriched for life. A trip like the one we designed is thought-provoking. The traveler establishes a contact with one of the most profound and waxing cultures in the world. Such an experience is to be treasured for the years to come.

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