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  • The best kayaking destinations in the world

    For the uninitiated, a kayak seems like a very improbable thing to float on water with. Kayaks (similarly to canoes, but with lots of little differences) are small, look rather fragile and not very trustworthy. But appearance aside, kayaks are really one of the best types of small boats you can wish for, and their success is obvious seeing as they haven been used by people for thousands of years.

    Kayaks were invented by the Inuit and were initially made from animal skin, but nowadays they have spread throughout the world and they have been modified and even improved in lots of ways.  So if you are ready to get really close to water, paddling peacefully or hurdling over rocks, here are some of the best kayaking destinations in the world.

    Zambezi, Zambia

    Zambezi is often called the Everest of rivers, and if we consider the river’s dangerous drops, sections of wildly foaming white water and the cherry on top, the majestic Victoria falls, paddling on Zambezi is indeed similar to climbing the Everest in terms of excitement and adrenaline rush.

    Zambezi is not easy river to kayak on, but even beginner or intermediate paddlers can attempt a longer trip (7 days or more) on Zambezi if they have a guide.

    Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

    Torres del Paine is without a doubt the most astounding national park in Chile thanks to its breathtaking scenery of deep blue river and far-off snow-capped mountains. If you are into kayaking for the love of picturesque landscapes that you can admire while leisurely paddling on calm waters, just kayak along Serrano river whose swift but calm flow will take you to the sea in a couple of days.

    Acadia National Park, Maine, US

    If exquisite forests and rugged coastlines are what you want, then there’s hardly a better place for you to paddle than Acadia National Park. This park actually has the oldest water trail in the US, the Maine Island Trail, a 375 mile long waterway that will take you countless small islands with campsites and other facilities where you can spend the night or take a break.

    Vanatau, Fiji

    For some exotic paddling, try Fiji, the island paradise par excellence. Over 90% of Fiji’s territory is made up of water, so there are more kayaking destinations in the country than dry land attractions. You can bask in the tropical warmth, blue skies and even bluer water, plus you can even fish or stop for some snorkeling while you’re off kayaking.

    Glacier Bay, Alaska, US

    You can immerse yourself into Alaska’s cold and wild beauty while paddling between the fjords of Glacier Bay National Park. Actually, a sea kayak is the best way of exploring this rugged piece of Alaska, navigating through the tidewater fjords and then ending up in the two major arms of the park.

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