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  • The most beautiful rivers in the world

    Mekong River in Laos

    There has always been something about rivers that made them attractive to artists and travelers, and even people who just fancied a quiet walk along the meandering banks of a slowly flowing river.

    Rivers are usually only as beautiful as their surroundings, and a stretch of river that looks like a piece of paradise can quickly turn into a scene from an industrial wasteland. But  some rivers are regarded as universally, unequivocally beautiful, and it doesn’t take an artist to see that. So here are some of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

    Caño Cristales, Colombia

    Caño Cristales in the Colombian province of meta is nicknamed the river of five colors, because of its unusual range of colors, a product of the various species of algae that live in the water. The bottom of the river can be colored red, yellow, blue or green, and various mixes of these. In summer, when the algae proliferate in the warm water, the river looks nothing short of stunning.

    Kenai River, Alaska

    Kenai, photo by Frank Kovalchek

    Some of the most picturesque regions of Alaska are located along the Kenai River, which, incidentally, is also a very good river for fishing, according to enthusiasts. The alpine landscape around the river will charm anyone who like rapids, lush forests and the occasional moose (or even bear!) sightings.


    The Mekong is the 10th longest river in the world, and it passes through China’s Yunnan province, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and it finally Vietnam, where it empties into the sea through the Mekong Delta. There are lots of amazing spots along the Mekong, like the Cambodian stretch where it meanders around temples.

    Futaleufú River, Argentina/Chile

    photo by Cliff Cate

    Futaleufú River is fed by the lakes of Los Alerces National Park in Argentina, and by the time it arrives to the small town of Futaleufú which gives the river its name, it turns into a river that can fulfill even the wildest expectations of people who love water sports on the one hand, and people who like to see fast, foamy and pretty rivers on the other.

    Yangtze River, China

    The Yangtze is the longest river in China, and definitely one of the most dramatic. The banks of the over 2000 kilometer river are dotted with scenic villages, temples, tall peaks and jagged cliffs.

    The Yangtze Gorges are spectacular to say the least, as is the tricky but amazing 180 degree turn that the river makes at Shigu, in Yunnan Province.

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