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  • Top reasons to visit Great Britain any time

    Eilean Donan Castle in Great Britain

    Eilean Donan Castle ©

    While watching the below video I was constantly waiting for the phrase ‘Britain is Great’ to be uttered. Because it would be so true! So here are my top reasons to visit Great Britain – any time!

    Apart from the obvious reasons – mystical countryside, beautiful landscapes that give you the goosebumps, ancient history absorbed in everything and so on – how often does Dame Judi Dench and Jamie Oliver invite you anywhere? Watch the video and see if your reasons to visit Britain are the same as mine…

    Unique historical heritage

    Great Britain has got a wonderful heritage of Celtic, Roman and Germanic mixture. Many say London is the best place in the country buy I definitely prefer the countryside with the cottages, old churches and… the pubs.

    Eilean Donan Castle in Great Britain

    Eilean Donan Castle ©

    Besides all this, my top of the top reasons to visit Britain are the castles! Must see castles such as Eilean Donan Castle, haunted ones like Glamis Castle in Scotland and so many others that will enchant you right on the spot!

    Visit for the culture

    Riverside Museum Glasgow

    Riverside Museum ©

    Without exaggerations, Great Britain gives home to some of the best museums in the world. London’s world famous British Museum, the Natural History Museum or Glasgow’s Riverside Museum are mandatory for everyone and they are also FREE – as well as hundreds of other wonderful museums all over Britain.

    The country is also famous for its prestigious theaters, ballets and operas. Once there, you cannot miss an evening in Globe Theater, the Royal Opera House, the Scottish Ballet or if you get lucky enough, you get to visit see the Edinburgh Festivals, the world’s greatest annual art festival.

    Great Britain’s wonderful landscapes

    Lake District view in Great Britain

    Lake District ©Rich B-S/Flickr

    The grand and so very mysterious and sometimes gloomy landscapes, the little cottages, old village roads and the chilly seaside with the wind crashing the waves against the rocks while the wind is wuthering into your ears… how perfec that is!

    But if one’s choice is not the seaside, it can be the amazing Lake District with its hills and, well, lakes, beautiful old mansions and lovely villages. Or for something equally spectacular one can visit Snowdonia in Wales, one of the world’s true natural wonders in my opinion.

    So, were my reasons good enough and would you visit Great Britain any time? Let me know in the comment section!

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