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  • Top 5 natural wonders in Britain

    Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

    Brimham Rocks ©burge5k/Flickr

    It might not be the land of immense forests or the highest mountains, but Great Britain has got some of the most mysterious landscapes that will instantly charms you and take you back into the time of legends and myths.

    In the short video Jamie Oliver himself will invite you to visit Britain and explore its wonders, watch and then enjoy the top 5 natural wonders in Britain.

    Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, North Wales

    These two mountains offer a very dramatic, even epic look. Glyder Fach is famous for the cantilever stone, a strangely balanced piece of rock that is most popular among visitors for photographing.

    The cantilever stone of Glyder Fach in North Wales

    The cantilever stone – Glyder Fach ©martin_vmorris/Flickr

    At the same time, Glyder Fawr, a tiny bit taller, is known for its peak filled with rocks that look like tomb stones thrown at each other. You can visit these natural wonders if you hike in Snowdonia, North Wales.

    Cheddar Gorge, Sumerset

    Carved out of the rocks over a million years ago, Somerset‘s Cheddar Gorge is the biggest gorge in Great Britain. You can admire an underground river as well as some very interesting rock formations.

    Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye

    On the northernmost part of the Isle of Skye you can find the Trotternish Peninsula, this mysterious and breathtaking area.

    Old Man of Storr megalith

    Old Man of Storr ©paulpiltdown/Flickr

    The eastern side provides you with the fairy tale-like sight of the spikes of the Quiraing and the strange, 49 m tall megalith called the Old Man of Storr. Do not miss to visit Kilt Rock, a huge hexagonal rock that looks like a Scottish kilt.

    Jurassic Coast, Devon

    The famous Jurassic Coast of Britain was the first natural wonder to become a World Heritage Site. The cloffs of the 95 miles long coastline provide a perfectly continuous walk through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.

    Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

    Again a really unusual natural formation, the Brimham Rocks look like the creations of a crazy sculptor. Some of them have names after the animal or other thing they supposedly look like.

    Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

    Brimham Rocks ©burge5k/Flickr

    The rocks are admired since the ancient times and it is an interesting fact that for a long time it was thought that Rocks were created by the Celtic druids.

    These 5 natural wonders are some of the best things about Britain, but the country has got a lot more to offer if you are ready for some adventure.

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