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  • The most unusual bar locations in the world

    Bojangles Bar, photo by Andy Mitchell

    Sometimes you might prefer to have a drink in the evening in a nice, classical bar with soft lights and good music, or maybe a lively pub with noise and lots of people, but how about a novel bar experience where nothing seems to fit the image of a regular bar?

    Weird bars are not as rare as one might think, especially if you know where to look. Since bars are places where you are supposed to relax and have fun, the even the weirdest places might feel surprisingly homey, and if the drinks are good, all the more reason to visit one of the top 5 weirdest bars in the world.

    Bojangles, Alice Springs, Australia

    If you are on the way to visit the magnificent Uluru, you might as well stop and have a drink at this bar where nothing is as it seems. Enter the bar and at once you’ll see that there’s something uncanny about it: boots are hanging from the ceiling, there are randomly placed glass cases with live snakes in them, and a suit of armor in a coffin. If you go to be bathroom, be warned that if you turn on the tap, water will start pouring in a different sink!

    Baobab Bar, Limpopo, South Africa

    Bar in a Baobab tree in Limpopo, South Africa


    If you never thought that the majestic Baobab trees can be turned into actual rooms, here’s where you should go: the Baobab bar, housed in an actual Baobab tree located on a farm in Limpopo. The 6000 year old tree has a very large hollow, and the resulting bar can seat around 40 people.

    Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Parottee Bay, Jamaica

    The Caribbean has lots of cool bars, but Floyd’s might just be the best of them all. If you walk around Parottee Bay, you might notice a dot on the horizon – that’s where you’re headed if you want a drink in the most unusual place in Jamaica.The bar is perched on stilts on a sandbar about a mile off the coast, and it is much more sturdy than it looks.

    Alux Restaurant and Lounge, Playa de Carmen, Mexico

    Alux Restaurant and Lounge in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


    There aren’t many bars in the world located in caverns, and Alux is one of the few. Since the whole Yucatan peninsula is a maze of underground passages, it wasn’t surprising that the owners of Alux wanted to make the most of the natural environment. Now you can admire the beauty of a magnificent cavern while sipping a delicious drink.

    The Rock Bar, Ayana Resort, Bali

    Bali is often very stylish, and the Rock Bar is as stylish as it gets. The bar is perched a dozen or so meters above the ocean, at the base of a rocky outcrop. You can take an elevator to go down to the bar, or take the stairs and enjoy the lovely scenery at your leisure.

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