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  • The craziest base jumping spots in the world

    When it comes to extreme sports of all kinds, what you do is just as important as where you do it. Not many people would enjoy paragliding over a boring industrial town or bungee jumping above a boring car park. And this is why people are prepared to travel large distance to practice their extreme sports of choice, so that they will be able to get that adrenaline rush in an amazing place that will make the whole experience of whole lot better.

    Base jumping is no different, especially since the place where you jump off should be pretty tall in the first place, and it should also have a nice view. Base jumping is a dangerous and crazy sport, but if you are a fan of it (or you’d just like to see people base jump) here are the craziest base jumping destinations in the world.

     Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

    This beautiful truss-arch bridge in Idaho carried Highway 93 over the rugged Snake River Canyon. Cars racing on the highway, steep cliffs and rocky outcrops and the blue sky above you – what more could anyone from a great base jumping destination?

    Plus, Perrine Bridge is the only base jumping destination in the US that operates all year round. Although this is one of the lowest base jumping destinations in the world, it is definitely one of the most exciting too.

    Meru Peak, Himalaya, India

    If you’re haging around Nanda Devi National Park in India and you suddenly get the urge to base jump, here’s a totally insane destination: Meru Peak, a 6660 meter tall peak in the Himalayas. The record for the highest base jump in the world was achieved here by an Australian couple who jumped from an altitude of 6604 meters.

    Angel Falls, Venezuela

    The world’s highest waterfall makes for a completely incredible base jumping destination for daredevils. The waterfall is 978 meters tall, and needless to say, beginners shouldn’t attempt this jump unless they do it with a pro. There are several organizations and tour operator who offer base jumping expeditions to Angel Falls.

    Troll Wall, Romsdalen Valley, Norway

    Thanks to its varied geography, Norway is a very base jump friendly destination, and the home of the highest vertical drop in Europe. The rock is about 1100 meters tall, and it is a favorite destination with many experienced base jumpers.

    This is one of the earliest base jumping destinations in the world, and soon after jumping was made illegal by Norwegian authorities, so keep that in mind if you are attempting a jump from the Troll Wall.

    Burj Khalifa, Dubai

    The tallest building in the world couldn’t have failed to attract the attention of adrenaline junkies, so if you’re yearning to make the highest base jump off a building in the world, then this is the place for you.

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