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  • The craziest karaoke parlors in Tokyo

    Tokyo seen during night

    Tokyo seen during night

    There’s a lot in Tokyo to catch a tourist’s eye: all the historical and cultural landmarks, amazing and crazy museums, shopping districts galore and restaurants with delicious food. But if you want to mingle with the crowds of young Tokyoites, and if you want to have fun like the locals, a karaoke place should be high on your list of things to do in Tokyo.

    Karaoke parlors in Tokyo are not your typical bar where people sometimes sing for the delight (or horror) of the crowds. In a karaoke parkor, you retreat to a room with your friends, and sing your lungs out on Japanese pop songs while sipping beers and nibbling on snacks. Here are the craziest karaoke parlors in Tokyo.

    Lovenet, Roppongi

    What’s special about Lovenet in Roppongi district is that each karaoke room has a different theme. There ‘s an casino themed room, an Ibiza suit, a Moroccan room, or a Heaven room. In addition to the all you can drink menu, the great food and the hi-tech equipment, you can do crazy things like sing in a tub. That’s right, one  of the most spectacular rooms of Lovenet has a huge bathtub, where up to 6 people can fit in and sing Japanese of foreign pop and rock songs.

    Fancy Cat, Kichijoji

    If you are an otaku (that is, if you’re madly in love with Japanese animation or comic books), Akihabara is not the only place for you. Fancy Cat in Kichijoji is an anime fanatic’s paradise: you can sing tunes from every animation series imaginable, and you don’t even have to know the songs to have fun. While waiting for your turn, you can read the stacks of comic books on display, or chat with the waitresses in cosplay.

    Fukagawa Fujimi, Monzennaka-cho Station

    Some karaoke parlors in Tokyo float, in the most literal sense possible. Fukugawa Fujimi is housed on a boat sailing from Monzennaka-cho Station to Tozai Line, and in addition to being a great opportunity ofr sightseeing on the deck, you can go inside and sing in traditional tatami rooms.

    Karaoke No Tetsujin

    Karaoke No Tetsujin is a karaoke parlor chain, whose specialty is costume karaoke. So if you’ve ever dreamed of singing your heart out in a nurse costume, you can rent one at the parlor for a small fee. The decor is nothing special, but donning costumes with your friends really makes the atmosphere wacky.

    Mancy’s Tokyo, Azabu-Juban

    How about feeling like a celebrity while your warbling? Mancy’s Tokyo is a swanky cafe on the ground floor, and an equally stylish karaoke bar on the top floor. Everything inside seems like it cost more than you can ever afford, and frankly, booking a room will not be easy on your pocket. But with the champagne and gourmet food to accompany the singing, it’s not bad at all.

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