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  • 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth

    Bologna, Italy

    Bologna, Italy

    When a traveler gets itchy feet, they are most likely drawn away from their homes by some interesting attraction or another, by travel deals, or cheap eats and a cheap accommodationou.

    But when you love your taste buds just as much as you like traveling, you can make food a good enough reason to travel. In any case, even if you might skip dessert on a regular day, traveling is about enjoying yourself, so it’s the perfect opportunity to taste the sweets that people indulge in in other parts of the world.

    Actually, don’t even worry about mealtimes, and just dig in whenever the mood strikes! Here are 5 destinations for travelers with a sweet tooth that are guaranteed to make your tummy very happy.

    Paris, France

    French cuisine needs no introduction, and every gourmet knows that Paris is a paradise when it comes to fancy cuisine and street food alike. But what Paris also has are countless cafes, patisseries, chocolate shops and restaurants where you can find local and ethnic desserts.

    Try the eclairs at the famous Pain de Sucre, or the macarons at Pierre Hermé, but don’t forget to pop into a regular neighborhood bistro to try some traditional desserts like the mont blanc or the crème brûlée.


    Pierre Hermé macarons, photo by Tristan Ferne

    Brazilian cuisine has lots of interesting dishes, and luckily for your sweet tooth it has a considerable number of desserts. Although all that time you spend in your bathing suit might make you wary of sweets, it would be a huge mistake not to try the quindim, which is possibly one of the best desserts in the world.

    This donut shaped treat is a type of glistening yellow custard flavored with coconut, and can be found in most Brazilian coffee shops and restaurants. Try also the Bolo de rolo, the brigadeiros and rapadura.

    Bologna, Italy

    Italy has no shortage of delicious desserts, but the most famous of its treats is the gelato, the kind of delicious ice cream that doesn’t even come close to the stuff you can buy in shops. There’s no consensus about Italy’s gelato center, but Bologna is definitely on par with Rome or Florence when it comes to sheer number of gelaterias. Have a few scoops at La Sorbetteria, arguably the best gelateria in Italy.


    Japanese sweets, photo by crayonmonkey on Flickr

    The Japanese love fancy French confectionery, but the wonders that you can find in Japanese cake shops always have some interesting twist. Pop into a cake shop with a French name in Tokyo (Mont St Clair in Jiyugaoka is very famous) and try strawberry shortcakes and mont blancs.

    But don’t miss out on traditional Japanese desserts either. Wagashi are an assortment of sweets mostly made of sticky rice or rice flour, and they can be found in traditional restaurants and tea shops.

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkish desserts are famous all around the world, but if you want to surround yourself with a sea of Turkish sweets, head to Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar and sample the Turkish delight (lokum) piled high at the sweets stalls. Intanbul is the place for many other delicious Turkish specialties like the baklava, kadaif or cererye.

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    Hanoiboutique1 wrote on October 6, 2014:

    Hanoi is also a good destination for travelers with a sweet tooth, come to Hanoi and enjoy food here.

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