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  • Where to go for St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas 2013

    Nine Fine Irishmen, Las Vegas

    Nine Fine Irishmen ©mrkathika/Flick

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll pretend to be Irish on March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day 2013. Technically a religious day to commemorate Saint Patrick, this holiday has become a celebration of Irish culture around the world.

    Even more more importantly, however, it’s become an excuse to party, and there’s no better way to do that than by traveling to Las Vegas for St. Patricks Day. I may not be Irish, but I do love pub culture. What many don’t realize though is that, in addition to the Casinos and club nightlife, there are a multitude of fun Las Vegas Irish pubs which sometimes go under the radar.

  • 5 reasons to travel to Guyana

    Kaieteur Falls, photo by Stefan Krasowski on Flickr

    Guyana, ‘the land of many waters’, is one of the smallest countries in South America, and not a travel destination that one typically hears much about. But mystery is one of the main charms of Guyana, especially since the world has been ‘shrinking’ more and more in the past few years, and there are precious few travel destinations that can still claim to be pretty much unexplored. This is not to say that there is no tourism in Guyana, but simply that tourism in the country is left to the adventurous and the extremely curious. If you’re into eco-tourism, rough travel in the wild, and interesting cultural experiences, then you won’t need more than 5 reasons to travel to Guyana to hop on a place.

  • 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them

    The whole point of opening a business is to get as many customers as possible and make profit, or at least that’s how things usually work everywhere in the world. But there are some businesses that are not interested in catering to very Tom, Dick and Harry, and prefer to build a rather more exclusive customer base – like a country club, for example. Another way is to keep the business hidden so that only the initiated can find you – this is how some of the most interesting bars in the world work. You’d have to look in the most unlikely p;laces to find them, and the chances of bumping into them by sheer luck are rather slim. But if you want to drink where few people drank before, here are 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them – just don’t tell anyone!

  • Top reasons to visit Honduras

    Copan, photo by Adal-Honduras

    If you are interested in Central America history, Central American cultures, colonial history, ruins, you should go to Honduras. And you should do the same if your interests run more along the lines of beaches, nice architecture, great nightlife, natural parks of snorkeling.

    To put it simply, Honduras is one of those countries where anyone, regardless of what they’re interested in, will find something to like. If you haven’t given much thought to visit this interesting country before, here are top reasons to visit Honduras that might just convince you.

  • Top 5 hottest nightclubs in Beijing

    The Chinese have accomplished what many other nations could not: they built the largest wall on the planet, visible even from space, they had medicine while others were still using leeches to cure illnesses, are masters of art, literature, music and science, and this is what most tourist to China are looking forward to.

    Right? Well, yes, but let’s not forget the great nightlife of China’s capital city. Leaving Beijing without checking out a few nightclubs is almost as bad as not visiting the Forbidden City. So get your clubbing gear on, and set out to explore some of the top 5 hottest nightclubs in Beijing.

  • Budget nightlife in Brazil


    Brazil is a great place if you’re looking for beaches, nature and sports, but no matter how many activities you can choose from, a couple of weeks in Brazil won’t be cheap. Especially if you are planning on spending some time in Rio, you can definitely expect to pay quite a lot, especially when you go out.

    But the good news is that there are lots of great holiday destinations in Brazil that won’t be as hard on your wallet as Rio (plus, there are quite a few places in Rio too that are not overly expensive), and the nightlife in these places is nothing to scoff at. So here are some suggestions for budget nightlife in Brazil.

  • The craziest karaoke parlors in Tokyo

    photo by Stefan

    There’s a lot in Tokyo to catch a tourist’s eye: all the historical and cultural landmarks, amazing and crazy museums, shopping districts galore and restaurants with delicious food. But if you want to mingle with the crowds of young Tokyoites, and if you want to have fun like the locals, a karaoke place should be high on your list of things to do in Tokyo.

    Karaoke parlors in Tokyo are not your typical bar where people sometimes sing for the delight (or horror) of the crowds. In a karaoke parkor, you retreat to a room with your friends, and sing your lungs out on Japanese pop songs while sipping beers and nibbling on snacks. Here are the craziest karaoke parlors in Tokyo.

  • Best pubs in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is quite a big holiday in the US, especially in the big cities where exciting parades are held every year. And while there’s no questions about the fun that you can have at a St. Paddy’s parade in the US, the real thing is definitely worth checking out.

    If you are planning to go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, you should celebrate in the local style. So after attending the parade while wearing green and waving Irish flags, the next step is to retreat to a traditional pub and continue celebrating with a pint of Guinness and some good Irish pub grub. Here are the best pubs in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Top 5 hottest nightclubs in Paris

    Paris, the city of love, of great cuisine and wonderful works of art – but also the city of sophisticated nightlife. As you can imagine, Paris’s club scene is just as diverse as the city itself.

    From laid-back, bohemian joints to cocktail bars where well-dressed young people sip dainty drinks, to wild clubs with loud music and an unleashed crowd, Paris has it all. If you were wondering what to do with your nights when you’re visiting Paris, here are a couple of suggestions that you can consider. Here are the top 5 hottest nightclubs in Paris.

  • Top 5 hottest nightclubs in Toronto

    If you have explored all the nightlife centers in the the US and you can’t think of a new place to go and have some fun, why not head to the Canadian capital? Toronto is chock full of hot nightclubs, and regardless of what type of music you usually listen to, you’ll definitely find the right place for you.

    From laid-back joints with indie music to swanky, upscale locales where they serve dainty cocktails, there’s a huge variety of nightclubs in Toronto. The Clubland area and the fashion district on Queen Street West and King Street are packed with the newest and hottest clubs. So here are the top 5 hottest nightclubs in Toronto.

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