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  • How to Discover San Francisco

    San Francisco

    The Whole city seen from Alcatraz Island

    San Francisco has a population of  4,5 million and as a large California city, you can imagine how much it can offer. The best way to access the city as a tourist is by air. Some of the airlines that go from Europe to San Francisco are Lufthansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines which is one of the most affordable companies.

    One of the most visited destinations of the United States, San Francisco is also considered an important urban hub with vast economy. Just like Boston and New Orleans, this California city is also considered very unique.

  • Top 5 desert travel destinations

    Atacama, photo by Robin Fernandes

    Plodding through the desert, knee deep in sand and either in scorching hear or bitter cold doesn’t sound like everyone’s idea of a holiday, but some deserts (despite the generally bad rep of their kind) are climbing up on the hierarchy of travel destinations.

    Trips into the Sahara and other similar places surrounded by tales and legends are becoming popular, regardless whether you choose the luxury route, or if you travel like the locals did for the past thousands of years. Despite being more or less inhospitable towards humans, deserts have some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. Here are our picks for the top 5 desert travel destinations in the world, should you decide to measure your endurance through a mind-blasting trip.

  • 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them

    The whole point of opening a business is to get as many customers as possible and make profit, or at least that’s how things usually work everywhere in the world. But there are some businesses that are not interested in catering to very Tom, Dick and Harry, and prefer to build a rather more exclusive customer base – like a country club, for example.

    Another way is to keep the business hidden so that only the initiated can find you – this is how some of the most interesting bars in the world work. You’d have to look in the most unlikely p;laces to find them, and the chances of bumping into them by sheer luck are rather slim. But if you want to drink where few people drank before, here are 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them – just don’t tell anyone!

  • The best outdoor ice skating rinks in the world

    Toronto, photo by santaz_elv on Flickr

    In temperate regions, it’s already the beginning of winter, and if you’re lucky to be in the middle of a cold winter with snow and ice, like in the good old times, then people have probably already started enjoying the wonders of frozen water.

    Staging snowball fights or ice skating outside are the best parts of winter, especially if you have a whopping huge ice skating rink at your disposal. Even if the technicalities of a double loop jump escape you, ice skating is good fun for everyone (especially if you don’t mind a few scraped knees and elbows). So if you want to ice skate in style, check out some of the best outdoor ice skating destinations in the world.

  • 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world

    Shrigley Hall Hotel, photo by Ian Capper on

    Few travelers can avoid visiting at least a few hotels in the course of their travels. And staying at a hotel is not always the most exciting alternative, especially since some hotels look like they are making efforts to be as ordinary as possible.

    But there are other hotels, which might seem like your run of the mill building with regular rooms, but which have a few skeletons in the closet, sometimes literally. Hotels that are set up in older buildings that used to serve another purpose sometimes end with with a baggage, and maybe not looking like hotels at all. Here are 5 hotels with a weird history from around the world, which are just too unusual to pass up.

  • The best small towns in the world for autumn travel

    Douro Valley, photo by Rosino

    Some people are squeamish about traveling in summertime. Unless you can afford to travel only in air conditioned cars or airplanes, being on the road in the summer heat is hardly a very pleasant experience. This is why many people prefer to travel in autumn, when you can still enjoy sunlight but the weather is considerably milder.

    And there’s another pro to autumn travel – the foliage. Taking a trip to the countryside or to small, peaceful towns surrounded by a sea of red and gold leaves doesn’t compare to anything else in the world. So here are some of the best small towns in the world for autumn travel.

  • The craziest base jumping spots in the world

    When it comes to extreme sports of all kinds, what you do is just as important as where you do it. Not many people would enjoy paragliding over a boring industrial town or bungee jumping above a boring car park. And this is why people are prepared to travel large distance to practice their extreme sports of choice, so that they will be able to get that adrenaline rush in an amazing place that will make the whole experience of whole lot better.

    Base jumping is no different, especially since the place where you jump off should be pretty tall in the first place, and it should also have a nice view. Base jumping is a dangerous and crazy sport, but if you are a fan of it (or you’d just like to see people base jump) here are the craziest base jumping destinations in the world.

  • The most fashionable cities in the world

    Rome, Via Condotti, photo by GabrieleThe fashion industry has gone global a long time ago, but although you can find brand shops and haute couture is many of the big cities of the planet, everyone with even a fleeting interest in fashion knows that some cities are bona fide fashion hotspots, while others are just your run of the mill cities full of well dressed people.

    If you couldn’t care less about fashion, there are still reasons for you to visit some of the most fashionable cities in the world, so even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer scarf you can spend your time visiting glitzy street lined with elegant shops, or watch the fashionable crowd pass you by while lounging in a nice sidewalk cafe, taking a break from sightseeing.

  • 5 travel scams to avoid

    As travel is getting more and more popular, scams related to travel are also getting increasingly widespread. Even the most seasoned traveler can fall pray to a wily scammer, because just as travelers get creative when it comes to their trips, so do scammers and their attempts to leech some money off you.

    Picking a naive tourist’s pockets is small fry compared to some rip-offs that have been heard of nowadays. So here are 5 travel scams to avoid in some of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

  • 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Washington



    The best thing about really large cities is that no matter how long you’ve lived in them, you can still find surprising things about them. When it comes to the US capital, many might feel like they know a lot about it even without having visited the city, because it is a popular tourist destination and many of its attractions are known worldwide.

    But Washington, like any other city, has its secrets, and sometimes not even the biggest local history buff is aware of them. So if you are planning to visit Washington DC, or you just like to know random interesting facts about cities, here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Washington.

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