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  • Top 5 cities for New Year’s celebrations in 2011

    New Year's New Orleans, photo by Gary J Wood

    When it comes to preparations for New Year’s parties, it’s never too late to start. Not because a few months are not a reasonable time to prepare for a trip somewhere, but because if you want to make sure that you find reasonable accommodation and a decent party to attend, you will need to be quick before someone else snatches up all the best deals. Destinations where the New Year’s is celebrated in style are extremely popular, so hurry and jump on the bandwagon while there are seats left! Here are top 5 cities for New Year’s celebrations in 2011.

  • Top 5 US destinations for Halloween 2011

    Halloween might not be everyone’s favorite holiday (especially if you don’t like sweets and trick-or-treaters), but if you want to get away from home on holiday for whatever reason, there is no shortage of destinations that are just perfect for the creepiest night of the year. A good scare on Halloween or at least a gloomy or creepy atmosphere are not hard to obtain if you decide to visit one of the top 5 US destinations for Halloween 2011. Whether you’re in the mood for something truly bone chilling or something fun for families, there are countless destinations for Halloween that you can choose from.

  • Top 5 cities to visit before they sink

    Venice, photo by Thaddeus Roan

    Some cities have been around for so long that it’s unthinkable that they would ever disappear. But the truth is that some cities that travelers are especially fond of are slowly sinking, and if nothing is done about their eventual demise, instead of these beautiful historic cities the most you’ll end up seeing is some ponds or bogs. But don’t worry, these awesome cities are not about to sink tomorrow (and hopefully they won’t end up sinking at all), so you still have time to visit them. But in any case, rather than taking them for granted, take a trip to these top 5 cities to visit before they sink.

  • Top 10 historic sites in Europe

    Kronborg, photo by Bruno Cordioli

    Europe hasn’t been around longer than any other parts of the world (despite being part of the “Old World”), but quite a bit of interesting history happened to happen on the continent. Wars, revolutions, political coups and the like have left their mark on Europe, and while many of these places don’t always conjure up happy events, from a historian’s point of view they are quite exciting. Visiting the places where history happened is one of the things that no tourist can or should avoid, and the truth is that Europe’s historical sites are every bit worth a trip. So if you are interested in history or if you’d just like to see some interesting places, here are top 10 historic sites in Europe.

  • How to organize a round the world trip

    photo by _sarchi

    When Jules Verne wrote his adventure novel Around the world in eighty days in 1973, a journey around the globe in such a short time seemed the stuff of legends. But more than a century later, traveling has gotten a lot more accessible, and you don’t have to be a wealthy English gentlemen in order to accomplish the feat. A trip around the world is not that uncommon anymore, and possibly less adventurous than in Jules Verne’s time, but it’s still a huge project. Organizing a trip like that takes a lot of planning, but it is ultimately more rewarding than any other journey you could take. So here are some tips on how to organize a round the world trip, for the adventure-hungry globe trotter.

  • The backpacker’s guide to Lebanon

    Beirut, photo by austinevan

    Lebanon is not what most people imagine the Middle East is like. This small country is green and mountainous, sand dune-less and modern, with great care invested in preserving its rich historical heritage. Lebanon hasn’t always been a perfect place for a holiday, but there’s no doubt about it today: if you want to go to the Middle East, start with Lebanon. Friendly people, cities with great nightlife, loads of historical sites ranging from the old to the very old, and an incredible cuisine, make Lebanon irresistible. What’s more, Lebanon can be visited on a budget, so here’s a backpacker’s guide to Lebanon.

  • The greatest observation decks in the world

    Taipei 101, photo by daymin

    Observation decks are great inventions – if you have a really tall building towering over everything else around it, built for whatever purpose, why not make the most of it? Put an observation deck on any building tall enough, and you go yourself a pretty good attraction, not only for the tourists who are thirsty for panoramas, but for the locals as well. If you don’t have any problems with heights and you like to take a good, leisurely look at the urban sprawl, then you should consider visiting some of the greatest observation decks in the world.

  • The best Christmas markets to visit in 2011

    Vienna Christmas Market, photo by Charley1965

    Christmas is not yet round the corner, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not already time to prepare, especially if you have a pre-Christmas outing in mind. If you are always in a pickle when it comes to buying presents, here’s a fun way to take get the chore done and have some fun while at it (and maybe even pick up some goodies for yourself): go to a Christmas market! Large and lavish Christmas markets are the norm in cities where Christmas celebrations are taken particularly seriously, and since most Christmas markets start well before Christmas, you can easily load up on the gifts well in advance, while you’re having a short beginning-of-winter-break. So here are some of the best Christmas markets to visit in 2011.

  • The most scenic ferry rides in the world

    Staten Island Ferry, photo by mgendelman

    Ferries are just convenient ways of getting across water, especially if you’re with a car, right? While this is an incontestable truth, there just might be more to ferries than meet the eye. Ferry rides can actually be quite scenic, and although there probably aren’t many people who take ferry rides just for the fun of it, if you have no choice but take the ferry, then you might as well enjoy it and make the most of it. But some ferry rides are simply too good to miss, and if they happen to be on (or near) your itinerary, then you should definitely hop on, kick back and stare in wonderment. Here are some of the most scenic ferry rides in the world.

  • Top 5 fast-food chains abroad

    Toast Box, Singapore, photo by Marco Ooi

    If you live in a country where fast-food is more often than not embodied by a greasy hamburger or perhaps a hot dog, fast-foods are probably not your eateries of choice when you are going abroad. If you can get a Big Mac at home, why bother going abroad to eat it? But in many countries, fast-food can have a completely different meaning, and the food you get at a fast-food in Russia or Thailand might take your taste buds completely by surprise. So whenever you are visiting a foreign country, don’t dismiss the local fast-food chains. especially if you are on a budget and you can’t self-cater. Here are the top 5 fast-food chains abroad to watch out for.

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