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  • Top 5 most exciting beaches in South America

    Praia de Sibaúma, photo by Priscilla Silveira on Flickr

    A beach is so much more than a stretch of sand on the shores of a sea or ocean – it is a place with its own stories, atmosphere, regulars and history, and we can easily say that there are no two beaches alike in the world.

    South America’s miles and miles of coastline and a sizable chunk of tropical and subtropical portion of the continent made it possible for some of the best beaches in the world to be located here.

    You can find any type of beach here, from sizzling palm-fringed wonders to surfing paradises and secluded pebbly coves. If you only want the creme de la creme of beaches, here are top 5 most exciting beaches in South America.

    Praia de Sibaúma, Natal, Brazil

    Ipanema is probably the first thing that people think of in connection to Brazil and beaches, but while Ipanema is gorgeous, there are a lot more jewels on Brazil’s coastline. Take Praia de Sibaúma, for example, a beach bordered by twin tidal pools, 90 minutes from the city of Natal.

    When the tide is low, you can see crabs scuttling around the pools, but the most striking about Praia de Sibaúma is the fact that it is very clean, used  mainly by fishermen and the best place in the world to escape from everything.

    Playa Brava, José Ignacio, Uruguay

    Playa Brava, photo by priscillajp on Flickr

    Many people like beaches because they want to lounge and do nothing, while for others they are the perfect place for some healthy and fun exercise.

    Playa Brava is incredibly beautiful and has silky soft pinkish sand where Uruguayans and Argentinians of all ages play football, volleyball, but there are some quieter spots as well near the lighthouse.

    Playa la Vicera, Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    Playa la Vicera is no sandy beach – it is covered in smooth pebbles and purple abalone shells, fringed by a strip of dark sand. This is not a beach for sunbathing, although you can swim if you get past the seaweed near the shore into the stunningly blue water beyond. But at this beach you can see penguins, and the whitened bones of elephant seals that give this place a wistful, timeless atmosphere.

    Arrecifes, Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia

    Arrecife, photo by melenama

    Parque Nacional Tayrona is a paradise on earth, and its beaches and the kind of places where you wouldn’t mind playing Robinson Crusoe for a while.

    To reach Arrecifes, you’ll have to trek through the jungle for an hour, but when you finally reach the beach you can’t help but stare in wonder at the white sand and lush palm trees.

    El Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela

    Isla Margarita has dozens of beaches, some secluded and some crowded, but what they all have in common is the fact that they are all pretty amazing. Playa El Agua is the most popular beach on the island – a truly Caribbean beach complete with coconuts, food and drink stalls and beautiful people enjoying the sun.

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