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  • The most beautiful secluded beaches in the world

    St Barthélemy, photo by maggieandcharles on Flickr

    If a beach is nice, clean and pretty abandoned, it never stays abandoned for long. With more and more people spending their holidays at the beach, at the more popular spots you have to compete for a place for lay down your towel.

    But if a beach is remote enough and even a bit difficult to access, chances are that you can still spend a few quiet hours there without bumping into too many other beach goers.

    Luckily, many holidaymakers are not determined enough to have their deserted and peaceful beaches to make the long (and possibly difficult) trip there, so if you’re an intrepid traveler who’s not afraid of a challenge, more lovely secluded beaches left for you! Here are some of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world, for travelers who don’t like crowds.

    Pink Beach, Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda

    Barbuda is small and has few inhabitants, and it is still in the shadow if its more popular sibling, Antigua, who prides itself on its beaches. However, Barbuda’s beaches are perhaps more worthy of attention, especially since they get less visitors than the sandy stretches in Antigua.

    The centerpiece of the island is the eight mile long Pink Beach, whose distinctive color is given by the crushed coral in the sand. You can walk miles and miles on the beach without seeing a single person.

    Colombier Beach, St Barthélemy

    Icacos Island, photo by Jeff Gunn

    St Barthélemy is an overseas territory of France, and not a destination that frequently appears in travel literature, since it is a bit too posh for a regular traveler. However, it’s beaches are top-notch, especially the remote Colombier Beach, which is so removed from the tourist hubs that few people ever visit it.

    It takes a 30 minute hike on a goat trail to reach this lovely cove, and the only people you are likely to see there are the passengers of private sailboats and yachts.

    Icacos Island, Puerto Rico

    The only thing that differentiates Icacos Island from a proverbial deserted island is the fact that it is pretty accessible – you just have to hop on a boat at Las Croabas. However, once the boat drops you off, you are on your own: no facilities whatsoever, just sandy beaches and tropical forests. The water is great for swimming, but most people who end up on the island come for the great snorkeling spots.

    Playa Medina, Venezuela

    Playa Medina, photo by geolesage on Flickr

    It’s a surprise how this beautiful beach managed to stay so secluded until now, especially since it was coveted by the ever-popular Club Med. However, the fact that it takes a 10 hour trip from Caracas to reach this beach paradise might have something to do with it.

    There are a few affordable bungalows and a small restaurant at the beach, but other than some locals and tourists you won’t find any big crowds here.

    Taupo Bay, New Zealand

    New Zealand is already pretty remote for most of the world, but that’s a small price to pay in order to see the unparalleled beauty of this island nation.

    When it comes to beaches, there’s nothing more beautiful than Taupo Bay on the Northern Island. Many of the low key beach houses are owned by travelers who never left, but other than these buildings there is almost no development on the beach.

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