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  • The best beaches for swimming in the US

    Some people go to the beach for the silky sand, for sun bathing and the prospect of a nice tan, to relax and read a book or to play volley ball, for example. Others are more interested in the water, and less on the beach, which is just a strip of sand or rocks separating them from watery bliss.

    So if for you going to the beach is an opportunity to splash around, take a dip and frolic in the water, then here are some of the best beaches for swimming in the US.

    Coronado Beach, San Diego

    Coronado Beach in San Diego has much to recommend it, especially the mild climate similar to the Mediterranean, the lush vegetation typical to subtropical areas, pristine sand that seems to sparkle in the sun.

    The beach is located on Coronado Island, and it is popular both with locals and tourists. The water is just perfect for swimming – reasonably shallow and without any strong currents.

    Kahanamoku Beach, Hawaii

    The water around Kahanamoku is great for swimming because it is protected against strong currents by a shallow reef , so there are no big waves that can deter anyone from swimming.

    This beach is perfect for families and for those who are learning to swim. Plus, the beach is located very close to the bustling life of Honolulu, so day and night there is always something to do around there.

    St. George Island State Park, Florida

    photo by Rachel Kramer

    Both in summer and winter, St George Island is a great beach both for just lounging around and swimming. The sunny weather and the absence of crowds guarantee a quiet and relaxing swimming experience.

    You won’t find yourself completely alone on the beach of St George Island, but you certainly won’t get lost in the crowds like on Florida’s southern beaches.

    Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Coast Guard beach is rather narrow and it takes a steep plunge into the water, which is not the most shallow, but experienced swimmers will probably love it. The clean and calm water is perfect for a quick and refreshing dip (water temperatures are rather cool even in summer). The landscape is also very pleasant and quiet, with soft sand and windswept shore vegetation.

    Cape Florida State Park, Florida

    This beach in Key Biscayne has all the best conditions for a good swim. The surf is very gentle, the sand is soft and silky, the water starts off as shallow but has a good depth further on, and the surrounding scenery is pleasant.

    You can venture far from the shore and have a good long swim, but you can just as well stay in the shallow waters near the shore and splash around.

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