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  • The Northern Cays of Villa Clara in Cuba

    Beachy cay in Cuba

    Beach and cay in Cuba ©Alessandro Caproni/Flickr

    Villa Clara province is located in the central part of Cuba and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the North,a fact the promises beautiful beaches and a lot of sunshine to  all visitors. This coast overlooking the Atlantic is dotted by lots of small cays, reefs and small islands that give home to more and more great tourist resorts.

  • Waikiki Beach 3 night vacations from $859

    Waikiki beach, Hawaii

    Waikiki beach ©mote/Flickr

    Spend a couple of days at one of the most famous beaches in the world in Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa by Marriott, 3 nights vacation starting from $859 per person.  Book now and your kids under 17 stay FREE, plus you also get a free rental car for the 3 days of your stay.

    3 nights Hawaii vacations to Maui and all other islands – Oahu, the Big Island and Kauai – are also available, take a look and book before all the best deals sell out!

  • Best Things to Do in San Diego for Summer 2013

    La Jolla beach in San Diego

    La Jolla beach ©tigrecanela/Flickr

    With its sunny yet temperate weather, exciting attractions and beautiful beaches, San Diego is an ideal spot for a summertime vacation.

    Whether you’re escaping from a more humid part of the country, trying to get closer to a sandy beach or are simply a local looking for some fun new activities to make Summer 2013 a memorable one, any of the following things to do in San Diego are great options to add to an itinerary.

  • A traveler’s guide to Nauru

    photo by sadie and maude’s place on Flickr

    Nauru is yet another speck of land in the vast archipelago of Micronesia, but this little island is special: it is the world’s smallest independent republic. It is so tiny that it takes about an hour to drive from one shore to the other, but that doesn’t mean that Nauru is not diverse and interesting. The island used to be very rich in the 20th century, thanks to its huge phosphate deposits, but its fortunes took a turn for the worse in 2005.

    Today Nauru hasn’t got it too good, but it manages to stay afloat, and it has by no means lost the thinks that made it attractive in the past. Tourist facilities may be minimal, but the natural beauty of the island makes it well worth visiting. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Nauru, for those who want to visit the world’s smallest, and rather underrated country.

  • The amazing beaches of Chile



    More often than not, the mention of Chile will conjure up images of its snow-capped Andes, the lovely colonial capital, Santiago de Chile, or the elongated shape of a country that encompasses both the driest desert and the most impressive glacial fields in the world. It’s easy to forget that Chile’s is 4300 kilometers long, which means that if there’s one thing Chile has no shortage of, it’s beaches.

    Not all of the Chilean coastline is a smooth strip of sand, quite the opposite – the part where land meets sea is often rugged and craggy, but every now and then it gives way to a lovely beach. Visit the amazing beaches of Chile, another natural wonder that this country can be proud of.

  • 5 Polynesian islands to see before you die

    Savaii, photo by Jorje P. Price on Flickr

    Polynesia is made up of about a thousand islands of all sizes scattered over the Pacific Ocean – even if you visited one island per day, it would still take years to explore all the interesting nooks and crannies of this remote part of Oceania. Although the islands are split among a handful of nations, many of the islands are so small that few people (save for geography buffs and Polynesians) have even heard of them.

    Some of the most popular travel destinations on the planet are located in Polynesia, but for every Bora Bora or Oahu there are hundreds of other islands that are much less famous, but equally wonderful. Here are 5 Polynesian islands to see before you die, even if you don’t manage to visit all of them.

  • Tourist attractions in Tuvalu

    photo by mrlins on Flickr

    How does the fourth smallest country in the world manage to still be a huge tourist destination? Tuvalu has the natural advantage of being midway between Hawaii and Australia, so the tropical climate is already reason enough to visit it, but laying on the beach and scuba diving is not all you can do in this beautiful archipelago.

    These low islands covered in forest don’t have many attractions that are jaw-droppingly spectacular, but there are quite a few interesting things to see when you get tired of relaxing too much. Discover the low-key yet interesting tourist attractions in Tuvalu.

  • A traveler’s guide to the Northern Mariana Islands

    photo by ctsnow on Flickr

    The Northern Mariana Islands are either a tourist’s paradise, or a nightmare, depending on how you travel. This Micronesian archipelago is not the typical tropical island paradise with abandoned beaches and interesting local culture, or at least not anymore, and not in a very obvious way.

    The Mariana Islands are often seen as a package tour machine, where there is little authentic culture left and all most of the island’s assets have been mobilized for the benefit of tourism. If you are looking for a package tour destination with giant hotels and some good scuba diving spots, you will love these islands, but even if you travel independently there’s no reason to completely dismiss them.

    If you travel off season and avoid the heavily touristy areas, you can find historical sites and quiet beaches. Here is a traveler’s guide to the Northern Mariana Islands, if you’re wondering what you can expect.

  • The traveler’s guide to Palau

    photo by Stefan Krasowski

    Palau, a small cluster of islands in Micronesia, is easy to miss on the map, and even easier to miss when it comes to politics. Except the occasional guidebook praising the wonders of the Pacific Islands, this small island nation is rarely heard of.

    Palau is a new country (it became independent in 1994), but it is slowly and steadily making a name for itself among the connoisseurs of exotic islands and interesting cultures. Whether you prefer to spend your time on land or underwater, Palau is fully equipped to surprise even the most well-traveled tourist.

    Unique wildlife, rich flora, stunning beaches and breath-taking coral reefs make these islands a haven for anyone who needs a break from day to day life. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Palau, for those who are ready to discover the marvels of this island nation.

  • The craziest extreme sports on the beach

    Wakeboarding, photo by Mike Vondran

    What counts as an extreme sport is a matter of debate, but what’s deadly sure is that they all involve danger and a considerable increase of your adrenaline level. You don’t have to have a death wish in order to enjoy extreme sports, just a taste for adventure, and maybe the willingness to risk a few broken limbs if it means that you can have fun.

    Adrenaline junkies come up with ideas for increasingly insane extreme sports all the time, and many of them involve water – at least there’s something to cushion the fall. If lounging on the beach sounds like a waste of time to you when there are perfectly acceptable alternatives like kitesurfing or cliff diving, you’ll like this list of the the craziest extreme sports on the beach.

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