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  • Famous Cemeteries around the World

    Visiting a city’s cemetery might not be one’s main priority while traveling. However, there are numerous cemeteries in this world that are considered to be priceless monuments: some are praised for their artistic value (like for their statues and mausoleums), some are priced for their historical relevance (being centuries, maybe even millennia old), and some are best known for the famous people who were buried there.

  • The Islands of Venice

    Venice at night

    Venice at night

    From all the European cities, Paris might be the only one competing with Venice in terms of popularity, romanticism and cultural heritage. But under any other aspect (architecture, gondolas, music, tasty gelatto) Venice is one of a kind. Still displaying the sophistication and the grandeur that characterized this renowned city-state in medieval times, Venice is equally associated with grandeur and decadence.

    It’s almost impossible to comprehend just how many valuable monuments are concentrated on this island (almost every building in Venice is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Most of Venice can be visited by foot so you can visit every last one these wonderful places.

    But if you have more than one weekend to visit Venice, than it would be a very good idea to visit Venice surrounding islands: not only you can escape the overcrowded streets and agitation of the town, but you can also get some really unique pictures that would make your friends green with envy.

  • Spring Festivals and Traditions around the World

    Have you been experiencing again that irresistible urge to pack everything and just take the first plane to whatever it may take you? Well, this either means that you are an incurable traveler, or that spring time is already filling you with energy and an increasing desire to travel and experience as much as you can.

    The whole world (or, at least, the entire Northern Hemisphere) is celebrating the return of spring: wherever your instincts or your favorite travel guides might lead you this spring, be sure that you will find yourself in the middle of the action. Spring time is the ideal time for festivals: just as the winter goes away and nature comes back to life, people switch on the party mood. So let the party begin and  check what can be seen in terms of spring festivals and celebrations:

  • World’s Most Spectacular Caves

    If you’re up to some adventure traveling this summer, then how about exploring some caves? These subterranean wonders are oftenly neglected, despite the fact that few other places on Earth can compete with the hidden beauty of the undergrounds.

    Not to mention that you’ll have to possibility to visit something unique and very different from those popular landmarks which you’ve seen in so many pictures that they will inspire you no emotion when you finally get to see them with your own eyes. But caves are just gorgeous: with their weird limestone, volcanic rock or ice formations, crystal-clear underwater lakes and one-of-a-kind ecosystems, caves seem the have been designed by a mad genius’s hand.

    There are thousands and thousands of beautiful caves around the world, many of which are still unexplored and very few of which are opened to the general public. So far we give you 5 of the most spectacular caves on the planet:

  • 5 Unforgettable River Cruises



    Cruising is among those absolute musts that every traveler has to experience at least once in a lifetime. In most cases, cruising is all about getting some relaxation and quality entertainment while floating among tropical islands and deep-blue waters. But a river cruise represents a whole new concept.

    Unlike a sea cruise, that usually takes you along a continent’s coastline, the river cruise lets you step into the very heart of the most amazing cultures. Each river carries around the myths, the personal stories and the alluvial relics of thousand of years of civilization. For today’s post, we’ve selected five epic river cruises that will each take you into the hearts of 5 different continents:

  • Best Modern Art Museums in Europe

    A trip to Europe is, in many cases, a good reason to go back to the roots of the Western culture, admire some old churches and castles, concentrate to link together the history puzzle parts scattered all over the place and wear off one or two pairs of shoes along the interminable halls of the museums.

    Non-Europeans usually associate the old continent with a kind of classical beauty: they always tend to see the castles, monuments, old historic centers rather the modern, dynamic part of Europe.  Many people also tend to forget that Europe has some of the best modern and contemporary art galleries in the world, where a Brancusi or Picasso will sit beside some mind-blowing art installation.

    For the art buffs in search for the latest artistic trends (and not only), here are some European modern art museums that you cannot miss:

  • Five European islands that you shouldn’t miss

    Santa Cruz, Tenerife

    Santa Cruz, Tenerife

    Considering the continent’s amazing diversity, it’s hard to generalize anything when it comes to European tourism. History, multiculturalism, architectural masterpieces and wonderful nature are all only some of the aspects that can add value to your European experience.

    But sometimes (well, actually, in most cases), taking the less beaten path can lead to the greatest discoveries.  Continental Europe has much to show and tell, but so do all those little islands surrounding Europe’s coasts. And the best thing about islands is that, not matter how close to the continent, they somehow always managed to develop some characteristic that is exclusively theirs – in other words, each island is a world of its own. Here comes out selection of Europe’s most beautiful and interesting islands:

  • Top 5 Best Music Festivals in Eastern Europe

    Planning a Euro trip this summer? Well, in case you’re thinking about Eastern or South Eastern Europe , you might just get the vacation of a lifetime. Most of these countries are still a relatively new ground for the western tourists and, in addition to their rich culture and even more interesting history, they are also much cheaper to visit.

    With the money you’ll be spending during a week in Paris or London, you can stay for one month in Eastern Europe, visit much of its beauties and even get to see your favorite bands. In the latest years, the Eastern European countries have made a tradition in bringing the best rated artists and bands to play on their stages. If you are determined to combine budget traveling with a unique cultural experience and some of the best festivals on the Old Continent, here are some suggestions:

  • South African Adventure V: Shopping

    A friendly "native" in Pretoria

    A friendly “native” in Pretoria

    Although South Africa is a leading provider of outdoor activities and wildlife safaris, it doesn’t mean the shopping is a neglected activity in this amazingly diverse country. Actually, no matter how hooked on sports, cultural activities or history someone is, it’s almost impossible to imagine traveling without shopping, even when shopping is restricted to buying souvenirs.

    However, when it comes to South Africa, spending your money on souvenirs is much closer to an investment than a waste: considering that for some relatively small prices you get the chance to buy some unique artworks and amazing artifacts, you will be soon regretting that you haven’t brought a bigger suit case. Here are some useful tips on where and how to find the good stuff:

  • South African Adventure IV: the Cities



    So far we’ve seen what the soon to be host of the FIFA World Cup 2010 edition, South Africa, can offer in terms of natural parks, historical routes and lifestyle. If you are determined to visit the country during the Wold Cup, then you will probably spend a lot of time in the cities. This is why today we give you a short guide about South Africa’s biggest and best known cities:

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