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  • Top 5 Best Music Festivals in Eastern Europe

    Planning a Euro trip this summer? Well, in case you’re thinking about Eastern or South Eastern Europe , you might just get the vacation of a lifetime. Most of these countries are still a relatively new ground for the western tourists and, in addition to their rich culture and even more interesting history, they are also much cheaper to visit.

    With the money you’ll be spending during a week in Paris or London, you can stay for one month in Eastern Europe, visit much of its beauties and even get to see your favorite bands. In the latest years, the Eastern European countries have made a tradition in bringing the best rated artists and bands to play on their stages. If you are determined to combine budget traveling with a unique cultural experience and some of the best festivals on the Old Continent, here are some suggestions:

    Sziget Festival, Hungary

    Sometimes in mid August, young people (and not only) from all over Europe are coming to Obudai Island in the middle of the Danube to join the fancy crowd and attend some of the hottest concerts in this part of Europe. So far, the festival has featured artists like Sonic Youth, Metallica, Frank Zappa, Guano Apes, Pulp, Placebo and many, many others.

    The festival, which was recently voted amongst the 10 best music festivals in Europe, represents a good occasion to visit the picturesque Budapest, with its baroque palaces and curvy bridges.

    EXIT Festival, Serbia

    You only have to move several hundred miles down the River Danube in order to attend Serbia’s most popular music festival, Exit. Like any festival that has successfully surpassed its 10th edition, Exit is the kind of event where good music and youthful atmosphere create the perfect combination. Not to mention that Novi Sad’s historic district and surrounding nature are quite a view.

    Open’er Music Festival, Poland

    The town of Gdynia on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea is part of what the Poles call the ‘Tri-City': a metropolitan area consisting of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk. Every summer, Gdynia hosts the Heineken Open’er Music Festival, one of the biggest events of such kind in Poland. If you are a fan of Pearl Jam, Cassabian or the Hives, then all you have to do is buy a cheap air ticket and head for northern Poland this summer. Just remember to reserve a day or two for visiting Gdynia’s famous neighbors: the exclusive summer resort of Sopot and the revolutionary city of Gdansk.

    Spirit of Burgas, Bulgaria

    Spirit of Burgas might not be as old as its above mentioned fellows, but this Bulgarian fest is surely growing fast. After only two editions, the festivals organizers have managed to bring the Siprit of Burgas in the top of Europe’s best mid-size festivals, and gather around several thousand participants.

    The festival represents a good occasion to get some tan on one of the finest beaches at the Black Sea, and listen to some of the most various genres, from salsa and jazz to punk and electro.

    T-mobile IN-music Festival, Croatia

    Its old citadels and splendid beaches have transformed Croatia into a favorite summer destination. For the 2010 edition, which is also the 5th, the organizers of T-mobile In-music Festival have confirmed the presence of Broken Social Scene, Massive Attack and Billy Idol. An upgraded and extended camp ground on the shores of Lake Jarun will contribute this year to a better user experience.

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    Theo Martin TgAvatar
    Theo Martin wrote on May 9, 2011:

    I made many European festivals and a road trip through Europe in 2009 took me in Hungary and to Sziget festival.

    It was crazy! The festival is in the heart of Budapest on an island on the middle of river Danube, creating a special atmosphere with the unique mixture of party, city and nature.

    It is the longest festival, 7 days of music, cultural programs and exhibitions. But it is also the largest with 400,000 persons from everywhere in the world and the most diverse line up, you will find what you like in every hour of the day on one of the 30 stages of the Island.

    You add a huge Party Arena and some parties places with several DJs 24h/7, cheap drinks and food.

    I finished this experience in one of the bath of the city on Monday afternoon after few days without sleeping.

    A week of madness, i didn’t believe what I was living!
    Live it, you will enjoy it!

    To have an idea of this amazing event, watch that!

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