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    Buying an RV is the rolling stone’s best cure against homesickness. This way, not only you can take all your precious belongings with you, but you won’t have to worry about finding decent accommodation, losing your baggage  or spending all your money on an over-priced hotel room.

    It has been proved that traveling with an RV is much cheaper than paying for both the airplane and the hotel. Although is is true that buying an RV represents a serious investment, if you are a frequent traveler, you will regain your money in a few years. Not to mention that RV lifestyle is the beholder of one priceless asset: absolute freedom. While a room in some highly popular location can cost you several hundred dollars, you can just park your RV in a specially reserved area and be right in the middle of the action – no strings attached.

    So, in case you are in the possession of this wonderful vehicle or you’re contemplating the idea of buying one, here are some destinations worthy of a visit:

    Madison Arm Resort – West Yellowstone, Montana

    The small town of West Yellowstone represents the main gateway towards the vast wilderness of America’s oldest national park – Yellowstone. The Madison Arm Resort is located just a few miles from the park entrance and even closer to all kinds of outdoor facilities: boat renting, white water rafting, horse back riding, golf course etc. Just remember that this is an exclusive summer destination, so the only months when you’ll be able to park here are May through October.

    Cape Lookout State Park – Oregon

    If you’re more a fan of the blue ocean than the solitude of the mountains, then try heading for Cape Lookout State Park in the state of Oregon. Choosing a state park instead of the much more crowded national parks can have multiple advantages: less queues, more flexibility and much more intimacy. The parks’ coast is rocky and covered by a dense wood, making it perfect for hiking and whale watching.

    Memphis-Graceland RV Park – Memphis, Tennessee

    RV-ing is not only about nature and isolated resorts. Many cities are also very RV-friendly: so is the case of Memphis, Tennessee where Elvis Presley is more present than ever. Thousands of people, young and old, visit Graceland every year and bring their tribute to this legendary musician. The RV park is situated very close to the famous mansion, right behind the Elvis Presley Hotel.

    Rivers Edge RV Park – Fairbanks, Alaska

    Taking your motor house as far as Alaska represents the ultimate challenge for every RV owner. But what else can compete with Alaska’s endless pine woods, the brightness of its eternal snows or the taste of a freshly baked salmon? Rivers Edge RV park is just the right place to start your Alaskan adventure, close to the state’s best parks and historic routes.

    Minnesota State Fair Campgrounds – St. Paul, Minnesota

    Just as the summer ends, the inhabitants of Minnesota ‘Get-Together’ in St. Paul, in one of the biggest agricultural fairs of the nation. The fair lasts for almost two weeks (the 2010 dates are August 26 and September 6) and includes exhibitions, competitions, talent shows and, of course, tons of fun.

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    Riley TgAvatar
    Riley wrote on February 2, 2012:

    I have been to the Madison Arm Resort numerous times with my family, and if you are travelling to Yellowstone National Park, this resort is close by and is great to stay at! My family and I go every year around the fall, and this last year, we made our way up with a few changes. We bought a brand new RV, took a different route to get there, and purchased a Tailgater. I like the Tailgater a lot because it works with our current TVs in the RV. While we were at the resort, I was able to watch my games and my brother watched his science shows all in HD. I work for DISH, and since I’ve had a Tailgater, I have seen that its something that many campers and tailgaters will enjoy and use. As for the Madison Arm Resort, I am looking forward to heading there again this year with my family!

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