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  • Kenya 101

    It hasn’t been much since we dedicated a whole week to South Africa and all the historical, cultural and natural treasures encompassed by this captivating country. Although South Africa is a very diverse country, there is so much more to explore through the African continent.

    One of the best countries to visit is Kenya, a country famous for its tea, coffee and wildlife safaris. These three ‘products’ also represent Kenya’s main export  when it comes to traveling. However, few people are aware of the country’s religious and cultural diversity, or the beauty of its landscapes. It could take you a whole year just to see everything there is to see in Kenya. However, here is what you shouldn’t miss during a regular vacation:

    Mount Kenya

    The phrase ‘equatorial snow’ might seem like a contradiction in terms; however, Mount Kenya is one of the only places where you can find it. So how exactly can one find snow at the Equator? The main cause is represented by Mt. Kenya’s remarkable height (5199m), which gives birth to a rare phenomenon: form the basis of the mountain to its peak, one can encounter different climate zones and just as many ecosystems. The mountain and its surrounding area are part of Mt. Kenya National Park.

    Maasai Mara National Reserve

    It’s hard to say which is the biggest attraction in Maasai Mara National Reserve: the fascinating and dignified lifestyle of the Maasai tribe, or the annual wildebeest migration, a truly unique natural phenomena? (On thing for sure is that the view of a compact, gigantic heard of Wildebeest moving through the plain will leave you breathless). Except for the wildebeest, this is the perfect place to hop on a safari vehicle and observe lions, cheetahs, elephants, antelopes, hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat.


    Situated on a flat land, in the southern part of the country, Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and also its cultural, economical and academical center. Although Nairobi has the appearance and vibrant atmosphere of a big city, it’s vicinities are simply wild and beautiful.

    Right at the city outskirts you’ll find Nairobi National Park, home to giraffes, buffaloes and zebras. One of the biggest attractions in Nairobi is the Carnivore restaurant, where one can try dozens of types of game, prepared according to traditional and international recipes.

    Karen Blixen Museum

    The Danish writer Karen Blixen was among the first ambassadors of Kenya’s beauties. Her famous novel, Out of Africa, had an even more famous adaptation, starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Karen Blixen’s memorial house can now be visited in a suburb of Nairobi (as the part of the movie was also filmed here, this former coffee farm, now museum, represents a major attraction in Kenya.

    Lamu Island

    Lamu island has all the attributes of a perfect sumer destinations: with its warm, clear waters, coquette hotels and intriguing history, Lamu is one of Kenya’s most precious treasures.

    Here you can stay in a traditional beach hut, swim with the dolphins and explore the island’s ruins (during Middle Ages, the island was an important port and commercial center). Just like a tropical garden surrounded by waters, the island is perfect for anyone looking for a nice and quiet retreat.

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