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  • Turkish Airlines cheap flights to Nairobi for $803

    Nairobi skyline

    Nairobi skyline ©Clara Sanchiz/Flickr

    Africa is a really exotic and special destination any time of the year. With Thy Turkish Airlines you can fly from Washington to Nairobi for $803 r/t, including taxes and save good money compared to the other airlines.

  • A short guide to slum tourism

    Slum tourism is one of the new trends in the world of traveling, although it’s not really clear whether it is a good one. If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s slum tourism in a nutshell: it supposes guided tours in the slums of big cities. It is popular in places like New Delhi, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg or Nairobi, where poverty is already a big issue.

    The favelas in South America and slums in India, despite their economic misfortunes, seem to be genuine tourist magnets lately. So here’s a short guide to slum tourism, and its pros and cons.

  • Kenya 101

    It hasn’t been much since we dedicated a whole week to South Africa and all the historical, cultural and natural treasures encompassed by this captivating country. Although South Africa is a very diverse country, there is so much more to explore through the African continent.

    One of the best countries to visit is Kenya, a country famous for its tea, coffee and wildlife safaris. These three ‘products’ also represent Kenya’s main export¬† when it comes to traveling. However, few people are aware of the country’s religious and cultural diversity, or the beauty of its landscapes. It could take you a whole year just to see everything there is to see in Kenya. However, here is what you shouldn’t miss during a regular vacation:

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