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  • Top 5 destinations in Central Africa

    Central Africa is a place with a unique cultural and historical flavor, and a very exciting and fun travel destination for summer. Whether you are interested in lounging on a beach, hunting for treasures in an old market , visiting nature reserves or sampling the local delicacies, there are many activities for visitors in the central part of the African continent.

    Many of these travel destinations are underrated, despite their great tourists potential, so here are the top 5 destinations in Central Africa.

    Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo

    Pointe-Noire is a very pleasant port city on the shore of the Atlantic, and due to the city’s colonial past, it has a very French feel to it. French expatriates living in large numbers in Pointe-Noire will sometimes make you believe like you’re in France, but there is plenty of Congolese culture to be noticed in Pointe-Noire.

    The city has plenty of attractions (cultural and historical), and there are some very nice places just outside of it too.

    Libreville, Gabon

    photo by Brian Gratwicke

    Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is known mostly as an industrial center and less as a tourist destination, but this lively city has enough attractions to keep you busy.

    The waterfront is a must see – it’s the place where people go to relax, and there are lots of interesting Gabonese sculptures. The beaches are very nice, and the city itself is very laid back and relaxed.

    Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

    Malabo might seem rather small and underdeveloped in comparison with other Central African capitals, but the city has a certain charm, and no lack of interesting things to see. The city is walkable, and taxis are cheap if you don’t want to walk. Check out the Bushmeat Market and the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program if you’re interested in the local wildlife and environment.

    Loango National Park, Gabon

    Loango is a beautiful coastline park, with more than 1500 square kilometers of fantastic-looking natural landscapes. You can see any type of environment here from salt marches, mangrove, savannahs to lagoons and rainforests. There are lots of opportunities for animal watching in Loango, especially if you are interested in seeing some gorillas, elephants and water buffaloes.

    Luanda, Angola

    photo by Moises.on

    The Angolan capital has gone through huge changes in the past years, and even now the city is in a constant state of building and rebuilding. The city is arranged around a beautiful natural harbor, Bahia de Luanda, which is a great place for some walks on the beach.

    Benfica market can satisfy all your shopping needs, and there are more than plenty of museums in Luando to keep you busy.

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    John wrote on December 4, 2011:

    Very interesting post, I would add to that the “Pointe Denis” (an island off the coast of Gabon)

    please join our group on Libreville called “J’aime Lbv” to learn more about the beautiful capital of Gabon. Find insightful tips, images, videos about one of Africa’s most beautiful cities.


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