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  • Top five most spectacular festivals in the world

    Festivals are just another way in which humanity expresses its astonishment when faced with the wonders of the universe. From immemorial times, festivals and celebrations have determined people to travel to the most remote places, and join the most heterogeneous crowds as if they were in the middle of a huge family.

    There is nothing that can beat that unique celebration atmosphere – which is also  why festivals occupy such a an important place in the touristic circuits. Although there is no universal standard that would establish which festivals are the most entertaining, the weirdest or the most aesthetically pleasing, today we dare presenting you a top of the of the world most colorful, most spectacular festivals:

    Molten Iron Festival, China

    This Chinese festival is very likely the most dangerous manifestation in the world: just as the name tells you, the main attraction of this manifestation is represented by the sublime act of throwing incandescent iron against a wall. The result? A blinding rainfall of sparkles, which the natives of Nuanquan region so poetically name ‘beating flowers in the tree’.

    Naga Fireball Festival, Thailand

    A unique natural phenomenon makes Naga Fireball Festival one of the most bizarre and spectacular festivals in the world. Every year in the month of October people gather on the banks of Mekong River near Nong Khai and watch the colorful, luminescent bubbles rising up from the river’s waters.

    The locals give a religious interpretation to this unprecedented phenomenon: the fireballs are in fact the ray- light ladder that Buddha used in order to descend from Heaven. Under the foll moon, the Buddhist chants, the thousands of lights and the enormous river floats create a dreamy atmosphere.

    Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, USA

    During the same month of October, Albuquerque becomes home to the biggest hot-air balloon competition in the world: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Hundreds of hot air balloons of the most various colors and shapes are covering the Albuquerque ski, in a race that is now legendary.

    Since its first edition in 1972, the festival has gone form 13 to more than 700 balloons per edition; as for its aesthetic side, let us just mention that it is officially considered as the most photographed festival in the whole world.

    Burning Man, USA

    The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada can best be described as an ‘out of this world experience’. Not that is has anything to do with aliens, UFO’s and other such oddities. The austerity of Nevada desert makes room for the weirdest manifestations of art: giant wood sculptures, fire demonstrations and several story robots are there to enchant the colorful crowd, mainly consisting in art buffs, hipsters and experimental artists.

    Holi, India

    The festival of Holi is one of India’s most famous annual events: an incredible display of colors and joyfulness meant to celebrate the arrival of spring. Just imagine thousands of people throwing colors at each other and giving birth to the most unbelievable combinations.

    The Holi represents every photographer’s ultimate challenge: a celebration in which every participant’s body becomes a walking masterpiece of abstract art and an explosion of colors, in which love and cheerfulness are the secret ingredient.

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