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  • Five Fabulous Resorts around the Black Sea



    During the latest years, the Black Sea resorts have managed to enter the European summer migration circuit: while while the westerners, in search for new experiences and more affordable rates, area heading towards the eastern European countries, the Eastern Europeans are more and more attracted by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

    Despite the facts that the Black Sea lacks the characteristic clarity of the Mediterranean, the absence of tides and sharks makes its waters much safer. All around this inland sea, one can find the ruins of ancient Greek colonies, modern ports and isolate fishermen villages. We now give you five of the best Black Sea resorts:

    Odessa, Ukraine

    With its fascinating history and worl-renowned opera house, Odessa is a city that yoy just cannot miss. Its pleasant, close to Mediterranean climate and wide beaches have transformed Odessa into Ukraine’s best summer destination. The city is also famous for its nightlife, natural spa centers and shopping areas.

    Mamaia, Romania

    The ‘Pearl of the Romanian seaside’, how the Romanians like to call, it, is the largest and most frequented Romanian seaside resort. The numerous entertainment facilities (including the recent gondola and Aqua Magic theme park), make it very children friendly and therefore most suitable for families. Mamaia’s greatest asset is however its ‘golden sand’ – Mamaia’s beach is nothing else but a several kilometers strip covered with the finest sand.

    Balcik, Bulgaria

    In the latest years, Bulgaria’s piece of Black Sea coast has become a favorite between European citizens looking for some decent beaches and affordable prices.

    The little town of Balcik is situated right in the vicinity of Vrana, and it is famous for its Belle Epoque villas (during the time when Balcik was part of the Romanian Kingdom, one of this villas served as a royal summer residence). With its small white houses and foresty shores, Balcik can easily included in the top most beautiful Black Sea resorts.

    Yalta, Ukraine

    Back to Ukraine we found the infamous town of Yalta, whose name is oftenly associated with the 1945 conference that shaped the political map of Europe after WWII. During the heydays of the Russian Empire, Yalta served as a summer residence for the Russian tzar and aristocracy – hence its incredible number of sumptuous palaces and villas. The whole Yalta area is packed with pebble beaches, the ruins of Greek and Genoese colonies and magnificent peaks of Crimean Mountains.

    Sile, Turkey

    The strong currents and the absence of sand make the Black Sea coast of Turkey receive considerably less tourists than the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. The absence of tourist hordes made the small town of Sile become a favorite summer destination for the inhabitants of Istanbul. Here in Sile you can visit the old lighthouse and mosques, enjoy the cool breeze and maybe play a beach soccer game with the locals.

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