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    Welcome to all of you savvy travelers! I will be updating all of you once in a while about what’s happening at Travelgrove. This is my first blog, so let me just tell you what to expect here. I would like to get a conversation going with all of you who love to travel, and think that they can add value on here. Adding value is difficult in the travel search space and differentiation is tough. So all of your comments will be listened to carefully and evaluated. Maybe we’ll together find new directions and features for this site.

    let me give you a brief update on where this site is going:

    In general, we would like to go more social, more interaction and basically focus more on you, “the traveler”. We have been working hard to upgrade our community and feel that now we really have something that’s worth using, whether you want to do a mini-blog like Twitter, or something much more elaborate, I think there is something for everyone there. We’ll try to slowly integrate social features into our search and vice versa.

    Anyhow, this was supposed to be a short welcome only and quick update, so I leave it at this.

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