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    Colorful houses of Mexico

    Colorful houses of Mexico

    The holiday season is about to start and if you haven’t made any plans yet, don’t panic! Since money should be no object when it comes to vacations, it’s not too late to plan a trip to Mexico. After all, it’s a lifetime opportunity. Still, you have to take into account two major aspects.

    Firstly, it is almost impossible to tour the whole country during one trip. Therefore, right down the things you would like to do from the minute you step on the Mexican territory right until the end and depending on your interests, choose an itinerary that will enrich your tourist experience.

    Secondly, you might have some trouble deciding what to visit when in Mexico because this country boasts of countless destinations. Again, there’s no need to worry! Leave it to us! We selected for you five top destinations rich both in tradition and Mexican spirit, but mostly perfect gateways.

    They say each civilization is unique in its own way. Mexico is no exception. Imagine a night out in the capital city of Mexico, walking along the history-soaked buildings in the center and enjoying either a portion of tacos or a burrito and being welcomed by a light-hearted Mariachi band. What could you possibly want more? Coming back to the aforementioned top, Mexico’s most renowned landmark is its capital, Mexico City.


    Mexico City

    Once you arrived in this frenetic town, you will never feel like leaving again. There’s no other place in the whole country to exhibit the same ecstatic atmosphere and to have printed so strongly the same mixture of Spanish and American influence. This explains why this city is currently known also under the name of Capital in Movement. The symbol of the city is the golden Angel of Independence which dots the urban boulevard Paseo de la Reforma. Nowadays, many skyscrapers, hotels and luxurious restaurants and shops are rising on this boulevard. At this point, we know you cannot resist the temptation to go shopping. Still, don’t waste all your money here! You’ll need it in Acapulco!

    The heart of the capital is dotted with many worth seeing monuments. The goal of this boulevard was to link the National Palace with the Castle of Chapultepec which served as the imperial residence. You will definitely be overwhelmed both by the beauty and by the particular architecture of these buildings.

    You should check out Plaza de la Constitution with its impressive National Palace and the ruins of the Major Temple, a witness of the Mexican history. If you’re fond of arts, the Palace of Arts is a site that will fit you like a glove.


    If you’re looking for a less buzzing town to spend your spare time in, we strongly recommend you to stop by Guadalajara, at the lakes nearby. Yet, the city is not so calm when music festivals are held or when art exhibitions are displayed on the Chapultepec Avenue. On the contrary, the boulevard is crowded with people gathering from all the corners of the American continent. The festivals are numerous indeed and they range from the Municipal Fair Book to the Film Festival. It goes without saying that the atmosphere created is as spicy and incendiary as the Mexican food. As for architectural landmarks, you shouldn’t miss several churches such as the Zapopan Basilica, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Government Palace, often the center of the tourists’ interest.


    The best destination for a tourist seeking for an elegant, worldly-renowned seaside resort is Acapulco. It’s the best gateway if you want everybody to lose your track. If you are likely to set foot on this major port, allow us to give you some suggestions on what you should do. What better way to spend a sunny hot day than to lay on the sand of Roqueta beach hoping for a rich golden tan? Not to mention the refreshing dips into the sea. There’s also good news both for the snorkelers and for the scuba divers: this beach has an outstanding submarine life. In fact, if you’re in the mood for water sports, there are even more possibilities: water-skiing, para-sailing or free-diving. However, if you feel like visiting the coastal city of Acapulco, there are some must-see sites: El Zocalo, a traditional square right in the center of the town dotted by Acapulco’s cathedral. It is free to pay it a visit. Afterwards, you can enjoy the sun rays on a bistro’s terrace.



    Many tourists who have already been to Cancun claim it’s a paradise. It provides probably the beast beaches in the world. ┬áPeople who come here are eager to have fun. And they never leave disappointed.

    Cancun features a lot of theme parks, shopping centers, clubs and water sports. The most well-known recreational activity here is swimming with dolphins. Now, we know you’ve had your fair share of beach vacations, but have you ever been to a place where boating excursions, jet-ski tours, archeological expeditions both luxurious and affordable hotels and malls are reachable in the same touristic spot? Well, Cancun is loaded with all of that! Only a live experience in Cancun, and overall in Mexico will convince you that such a trip is unforgettable…Ai Ai Ai :D!

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    Ken Schmidt TgAvatar
    Ken Schmidt wrote on September 22, 2011:

    These are some fantastic picks, and I agree that all of them are excellent places to check out on a vacation. Cancun feels every inch the right spot for a vacation, and clients that stay in our hotels often say the ocean’s water is the bluest they have ever seen. Acapulco’s Roqueta beach is every bit as gorgeous as you describe it, and there’s truly nothing like a Guadalajara music fest!

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