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  • The traveler’s guide to Mumbai

    Mumbai, photo by nokero on Flickr

    Some metropolises can be described in one word, despite their size: New York is glamorous, Paris is romantic, London is dignified. But Mumbai, one of the largest cities on the planet, is difficult to qualify. The capital of Maharashtra is a maddening tangle of ancient history and traditions, of modern technology and architecture, of extreme riches and poverty. You are as likely to find luxury brand shops and bustling bazaars, and questionable street food as fine dining. Few people can visit Mumbai for the first time without feeling the weight of it. It takes time to get used to the chaos, but once you do, Mumbai seems like the most enjoyable place on the planet. Here’s a traveler’s guide to Mumbai for those who plan on jumping head first into this amazing city.

  • The weirdest hot springs in the world

    Blood Pond, Japan, photo by Simon le nippon on Flickr

    Hot springs are hardly unusual, and you can usually find a few of them in whichever corner of the world you happen to be visiting. But while a regular nice hot spring is generally a hole in the ground with steamy water and surrounded by natural beauty, some hot springs have a little something extra too. A couple of hours in a thermal pool will recharge your batteries and relax you, but if the hot spring is also unusual to say the least, then all the better. If you prefer hot springs that are not contained and manicured, like in a resort, and instead you’d rather go for something natural, wild, and out of the ordinary, then you will most definitely enjoy a dip in the weirdest hot springs in the world.

  • Warm travel destinations for the winter months

    Anguilla, photo by alljengi on Flickr

    If you’re living in a corner of the planet where winters can be harsh or rainy, chances are that you’re not overly fond of the cold season, and even if you are not averse to snow every now and then, it’s possible that after a month or two of subzero temperatures all you want is a bit of warm sunshine. Luckily, no matter how awful the weather is in your part of the world, there will always be a place where it feels like summer, and where you can get rid of the winter blues by enjoying clear blue skies and weather that allows you to wear something other than winter coats. For a summery escape, visit one of the warm travel destinations for winter months!

  • 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable

    photo by Lee Coursey on Flickr

    Some people like to travel rough, with only minimal luggage stuff in a battered backpack, a tiny budget and a taste for adventure. But even the most passionate alternative lifestyle-adept independent traveler will have to admit that she or he has dreamed at least once of stepping into the shoes of luxury travelers – ditch the tiring all-nighter trips, crowded hostels and cheap food, and soak in a spa, sleep in lavish beds and be waited on hand and foot. But although five-star hotels and first class flights are still the domain of the rich traveler, even the average tourist can afford some luxury in some great destinations around the world. Here are 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable.

  • Tips on how to survive an overnight bus trip

    photo by Marc Sheffner

    If you’ve ever backpacked or taken a trip while strapped for money, then you’re probably very familiar with the none too pleasant experience of taking long and tedious bus trips. When you’re still at the beginning of your trip, full of excitement and enthusiasm, you will probably only be concerned with the cheapest and most reasonably comfortable way of getting from one place to another, but a couple of hours into an overnight bus trip you will have to come to terms with the grueling, boring reality of it. Overnight bus trips are not fun, and something they can be downright torturous, but they can be made somewhat  more bearable with a few tricks. So here are some tips on how to survive an overnight bus trip.

  • Top 5 gap year destinations

    Cape Point, South Africa

    Whenever someone mentions anything about gap years, most people would instantly think about college students who defer an academic year in order to travel the world. However, taking a gap year might not be a bad idea for professionals either, nowadays. You don’t have a job, or you hate your job? Spend a few months, or even a year traveling – it’s much less irresponsible than it sounds.

    Traveling for longer periods of time means that you can work while visiting new places, and it also gives you the chance to pick up some useful skills that will come handy when you return home. If you think that it’s time for something completely different, here are top 5 gap year destinations.

  • Top 5 myths about traveling

    There’s no end to the excuses people will use in order to weasel out of traveling, and not necessarily because they have something against the idea of travel itself, but because traveling, like many other activities, has become shrouded in myth.

    And unfortunately, travel mythology is not limited to funny stories along the line of “this one time when I was in – remote place-“, but also assumptions that traveling is expensive, dangerous and difficult. So you ever find yourself in a situation when you have to debunk someone’s fear of getting out of their comfort zone and seeing the world, here are top 5 myths about traveling and how to debunk them.

  • 10 haunted hotels where you can spend the night

    photo by AndYaDontStop

    If you’ve seen or heard about Stephen King’s Shining, the horror novel that was adapted into a successful feature film, you are probably aware that haunted hotels are not the best place to spend the night. But for those of you who crave a bit of excitement (or know better than to believe in ghosts), staying at a haunted hotel might seem like an appealing experience.

    And you can find  hotels that are supposedly haunted all over the world, and the only thing that they have in common are their unwanted resident spirits. Here are 10 haunted hotels where you can spend the night (if you dare).

  • Top 5 crazy attractions in Australia

    Australia, the only country that has an entire continent to itself, is widely known for its astounding natural beauty and its unique wildlife, but those who have visited it can also testify that it is one of the craziest places on the planet.

    If you live on the same land as wacky creatures like the platypus or kangaroos, you’re bound to have a sense of humor, after all. Visiting the natural sights of Oz is a muse, but after you’ve done that, there is a whole other set of attractions that you really shouldn’t miss – the top 5 crazy attractions in Australia!

  • Top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires, the city of contrasts, of tango, of romance, adventure, but also culture and history. Anyone should visit the Argentine capital at least once in their lifetimes, because you’re sure to find something to catch your eye there. While this can happen in any unknown city, one problem that vegetarians can experience in Buenos Aires is the question of where to eat out.

    Eating in a regular restaurant might make for less than a satisfying meal, if all you can eat is the salad…so for the veggie traveler, here are the top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires.

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