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  • Top 5 crazy attractions in Australia

    Australia, the only country that has an entire continent to itself, is widely known for its astounding natural beauty and its unique wildlife, but those who have visited it can also testify that it is one of the craziest places on the planet.

    If you live on the same land as wacky creatures like the platypus or kangaroos, you’re bound to have a sense of humor, after all. Visiting the natural sights of Oz is a muse, but after you’ve done that, there is a whole other set of attractions that you really shouldn’t miss – the top 5 crazy attractions in Australia!

    Big Things

    photo by Adam Eales

    The big things are exactly that – various oversized objects scattered all over the country. For Australians, the big things are almost as emblematic as all the other symbols of the nation.

    What’s interesting about these attractions is that they can take you by surprise virtually anywhere – you could stop at a motel and see the world’s largest pineapple, or simply drive through the middle of nowhere are see a gigantic lobster or something equally strange.You can see the world’s largest pineapple in Woombye, Queensland, a lobster in Kingston, a rocking horse in Gumeracha, a big cigar in Churchill and many others.

    Gracemere Saleyards, Queensland

    If you are a fan of sheep, cows and other friendly cattle, you should definitely take a look at Gracemere Saleyards, the largest cattle market in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The area is Australia’s cowboy country, and the people’s devotion to cattle is so intense that there are statues of cows all over the place. The salesyard is filled with thousands and thousands of animals, and hundreds of people who come to either watch them or buy some.

    Nullarbor Links

    Nullarbor plains doesn’t have much in the way of charm, except if you like vast empty spaces where there’s not much to see. Probably to make Nullarbor more interesting, the world’s longest golf course was built here. Nullarbor Links is special not only because it is so huge, but also because holes are located at each town along the stretch of 1,365km.

    Wycliffe Well

    The US has Rockwell when it comes to UFO landing sites, and Australia has Wycliffe Well. Believers say that Wycliffe is the most UFO infested place in the country, and perhaps even the planet.

    Wycliffe Well is nothing more than a roadhouse in the Outback, but it has definitely made the most of its fame – there’s a holiday park attached to it, populated with little green aliens. It is located at 380 km’s north of Alice Springs, on Stuart Highway.

    Hutt River Principality

    Hutt River Province

    According to Leonard Cassley, Australia is not the only country on the continent – there’s also Hutt River Principality, 600 km north of Perth. Cassley decided to found his own country after the government imposed wheat quotas, and although he declared war on Australia, the government doesn’t seem to take him seriously. Anyway, you can get your passport stamped and get Hutt Rver coins – maybe even meet the royal family.

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