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    Karphatos Greece

    Karphatos Greece

    As children, we all used to enjoy fairy tales and myths which all related extensively the power of the main characters and other magical beings. Nowadays, as time passed by, legends seem more far away, in a distant place, not very reachable. Nevertheless, in spite of our coming of age, there’s one place on Earth where myths and goddesses are very much alive and still in the limelight… like in Greece. Here, at the southernmost part of Europe, you witness a crossroads of cultures and civilizations, a land of beauty and living arts.

    Greece shares its remarkable landscapes with the Greek Islands that represent one fifth of the country’s area and are thought to be a destination that most tourists seek for. Hence, any trip to Greece should be shaped as a delicious periplus through beauty and wonders.


    Your journey should absolutely remain under the patronage and protection of Athens, the goddess of disciplined war and wisdom – the inspiration of the city’s name. Thus, the line of your trip is to be drawn from the city of Athens. It is the cradle of arts and cultures, being considered a living source of the Western civilization. Athens is widely referred to as the house of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle; thus, you would be standing here in middle of an ancient civilization, feeling the grandeur of a remarkable history. Moreover, if you really wish to understand and feel the sense of splendor, you will head towards the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods.

    Another important landmark in Athens is the Syntagma Square, located in the heart of the city, close to the Greek Parliament. This square is crowded with history-soaked buildings and statues. Further on, the Athens Trilogy is not to be neglected, as it is a spring of wisdom and education due to its important institutions such as: the University of Athens, the National Library and the Athens Academy. Once in Athens, you shouldn’t miss the Acropolis dotted by the Parthenon (the temple dedicated to Athena) and a wide range of time-honored statues.


    The island’s celebrity is due both to the ancient monument – the Colossus of Rhodes – and to its medieval Old Town that was listed as a World’s Heritage Site. Nowadays, Rhodes is a spectacular tourist destination which impresses through the medieval panorama of the city and its outskirts, as the island hosts white-and-blue villages and summer resorts such as: Paradisi, Trianta, Faliraki, Lindos, Kremasti, Haraki.

    The Ionian Islands

    If you are anxious to breathe the air of Corfu, Ithaca or Paxos, you should definitely move to the west cost of Greece and enjoy the white powdery beaches wrapped in the verdant, bright landscapes. Furthermore, in order to get a spicier image of these islands, you may want to visit Kerkyra and its crowded harbour surrounded by the leafy, spectacular landscape which covers the ruins of once-towering castles.

    Cyclades Islands

    This group of islands will certainly satisfy all kinds of visitors, offering both dynamic, refreshing holidays and quiet and relaxing ones. Each island has its own particular characteristics, making it absolutely unique. Still, there are several common features: fine architecture, cramped cobblestone streets, absorbing historical sites, rum seaside and sandy, warm beaches. While the Milos Island is renowned for its sand dunes-loaded beaches enclosing the clear sea, the Mykons Island is famous for its exciting nightlife with parties that last until dawn; thus, when you feel like meeting a celebrity you should visit this part of the country.

    The golden beaches and the breathtaking landscapes of the Paros and Santorini Islands really make your heart beat faster and your pupils dilate more. Moreover, while vacationing on these islands, you will be surprised by the fact that many traditional features are still well conserved, even though the new and modern life has penetrated the tissue of history.


    Located in the south of the Aegean Sea, Crete is a destination that many tourists lust after. You will surely take joy here due to the island’s wide range of offers: mountainous scenery, crystal water with sandy beaches, white, blue-spotted villages, tasty Greek salad adorned with black and green pulpy olives. There might be other exotic beaches in the Greece, but this one takes the cake. 😀

    A voyage to Greece turns into an exploration of feelings and senses, a collage of cultures and arts that delights the eyes of the viewer who, walking through the olive groves, roams from the historical past to the flossy present.

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    mike TgAvatar
    mike wrote on December 24, 2010:

    Crete is nice, but you should go far away from the airport of Heraklion. At least to Agios Nikolaos, 50 miles from it.

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