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  • 10 tips for pet travel

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    So you have a little animal friend that you don’t really want to be separated from during your holidays? Luckily, there are more and more opportunities for pet travel nowadays, so you can spare yourself (and your pet) from the bother or finding a pet-sitter.

    However, pet travel can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Making your pet comfortable during a potentially long trip, finding pet-friendly accommodation and destinations takes a bit of research. So for all the pet-loving travelers out there, here are 10 useful tips for pet travel.

    1. Accommodation

    Before you start planning your trip, check if your destination has any pet-friendly hotels. has an extensive list of pet-friendly accommodation.

    2. Visit your veterinarian

    A routine check-up will let you know if your pet is in any shape to travel, and whether there are any risks to it. It is also a good idea to get your pet microchipped if you haven’t already done so, just in case you get separated.

    3. Buy a good carrier

    photo by Muffet

    If you want your pet to be comfortable during the trip, don’t spare any expenses on a secure, well ventilated and sufficiently large carrier. Also, don’t forget putting a label on it with your phone number and address, just in case.

    4. Check your pet’s tags

    Your pet can’t travel unless its vaccination tags are valid, so make sure you have them, and attach them to the collar of your pet while you’re traveling, even if the animal doesn’t like wearing collars.

    5. Groom your pet before you go

    Clipping your pet’s nails is a good idea (less chances of damaging their new environment), and a good wash and brush too. You probably won’t have time to bother with grooming during your trip.

    6. What to pack

    You’ll have to pack for your pet too, and maybe even more than for yourself. You will need food and even water (in case your pet’s sensitive to it), chew toys, a brush, a first aid kit, waste removal bags and anything else that your pet can’t live without.

    7. Prepare for the worst

    Let’s face it, your pet could get lost. So just in case, bring a photo, and a description of your pet which includes breed, age, sex, microchip or tattoo numbers.

    8. The trip

    If your pet is traveling with you, keep some water and food handy. Also, if your pet gets restless during travel, consider getting some tranquilizers, but never without consulting your vet first!

    9. Don’t leave your pet alone

    Pets might get uncomfortable and nervous if left alone in a new environment, so don’t leave Rover or Mr. Fluffy alone in your room unless you want to pay for destroyed furniture.

    10. Does your pet want to travel?

    No matter how much you want to travel with your pet, you should also think about how they feel about the prospect of a carrier box. If your cat or dog go crazy just because you take them to the vet, traveling is probably not a good idea.

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    Lucy wrote on January 25, 2011:

    Traveling with pets doesn’t seem worth it to me, unless it is an animal that serves a medical or assistance purpose.

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