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  • Top 10 Christmas Destinations

    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    They say Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you’re far away and homesick, missing the guys and girls back home but cherishing the ones next to you. I’m not saying spending Christmas at home, next to your loved ones, watching the snow flakes dribble their way down from the sky and unwrapping presents under the tree is not something I enjoy, in fact I’m a bit old fashioned in this sense and I love that picture I just painted.

    But there are people out there that have a pronounced sense of adventure and love to travel, experiencing Christmas in different settings each year. For you guys, here’s my tip for 10 lovely Christmas destinations:

    New York, USA

    Bethlehem might be the place where Christmas originated from but New York is the city that keeps the Christmas spirit torch alive each year.

    For decades Times Square has been the landmark location for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations for Americans and it’s definitely a place worth spending your holidays in if you like to feel as if you were in the center of the World.

    A few of the thousand of todo’s in New York at Christmas time:

    • Christmas magic! Ice skating in Bryant Park
    • shopping along 5th Avenue
    • watching the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall

    As if the town itself wasn’t spectacular enough, you’ll get to be part of one of the biggest party-sprees of the year. Huzzah! :)

    Lapland, Finland

    Lapland is considered home to the mythical (and elusive) creature known as Santa Clause. It’s a wonderfully white (and cold) area of Northern Finland that offers a quiet Christmas setting for the family man in you. If anything, bringing the kids to Lapland is a great way to keep them busy for a while.

    Just tell them to go on full-time scouting shifts in order to spot the Red Bearded Man outside, while you can enjoy some peace and quiet next to your beloved spouse.


    After painting the Lapland picture in words, I felt like I needed something to warm this article up. If you’re the I-hate-cold-and-snow type of person then Bali is the way to go this Christmas. In fact, Bali is not that different from most other Christmas destinations: just replace the pine with a palm tree, the fat guy bringing you presents with a 20-year old girl bringing you cocktails on a silver platter and the traditional gingerbread stuffing with some tangerine-sprinkled pate. Not that different at all.

    Sydney, Australia

    Another warm(er) destination for Christmas, the biggest city in Australia is a buzzing town that most people agree, truly represents the Australian spirit: easy going, kind and definitely not party-shy.

    There are also a ton of landmarks worth visiting in Sydney, such as the spectacular Sydney Opera House, the Luna Park or the Royal Botanical Gardens (although these might be more spectacular to visit during spring/summer).

    Las Vegas, USA

    Rumor has it that “Las Vegas” spelled backwards actually reads “glamour and high life”. Seriously, try it. Being the fun, gambling and partying capital of the World, Las Vegas has a tradition it must live up to and surpass each year and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you’ll be part of that tradition. Think about it: you have some of the wealthiest casinos and corporations in the town, some of the fanciest and demanding guests and a tradition in explosive materials (be it fireworks or controlled casino demolition). Want a blast for Christmas? Book a flight to Las Vegas.

    Disneyworld, USA

    I know dancing next to a human sized Mickey Mouse isn’t exactly the best way to relax after a long stressful year of work, but think about it, would your kid(s) enjoy any other Christmas gift more than a trip to Disneyworld? Besides, it’s not like today’s Disneyworld is strictly aimed at kids these days, there’s plenty of stuff for adults to do here. It’s like when you drop your kids in the play pen when you go on a shopping spree at the mall.

    But in this case, the kids drop YOU off in the coffee shop while they ride the Donald-shaped sleighs.

    Bad Gastein, Austria

    Fans of skiing, do not despair! I haven’t forgotten about you and I have a great, great, great (GREAT!) jewel of a skiing destination to recommend: Bad Gastein, Austria also called the Monte Carlo of the Alps.

    Basically this is what you get if you book a deal here:

    • pristine, mint-condition snowy woods,
    • excellent skiing trails: 180 miles groomed slopes, 50 cable cars and ski lifts ,
    • altitudes up to 2700 meters where you’ll literally feel the fresh air cleanse your city-polluted body,
    • an icy river smack-down in the middle of the area and
    • last but not least the world famous Austrian thermal springs (Gasteiner Felsentherme).

    As if that wasn’t enough, there are numerous night clubs and restaurants that dress themselves up for Christmas and offer themed settings for both the partygoer and traditional Christmas lover in you.

    Enjoy your vacation guys and have a merry, jolly and safe Christmas!

    Berlin, Germany

    When Germans set their minds on achieving something you can be sure they’ll do it with utmost perfection and dedication. Picking a fun Christmas destination might be a risky choice in most cases, but by choosing Berlin you’re pretty much cutting that risk to a minimum.

    One of the main Christmas attractions here is the annual Weihnachts Zauber Gendarmenmarkt Faire, an event based around a crafting show where talented craftsmen sell handmade items that are perfectly suited to become Christmas gifts. Their beer ain’t bad either :)

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Sitting at almost 13 million inhabitants Istanbul is a city mustering with activity. As the only city built on two continents, it’s also a place with a bucketload of cultural and religious diversity and thus Christmas isn’t such a dominant holiday as it is in other European or American cities.

    This cuts away at the traditional Christmas spirit, but for those of you that are bored with conservative values and are looking for their usual dose of city life and booming activity Istanbul is the place to be in this time of the year.

    Sankt Petersburg, Russia

    Picture this: It’s Christmas Eve, you’re walking alongside the romantically lit Neva river bank in one of the most beautiful and history-soaked cities in Eastern Europe. Your kids are having a snowball fight in front of you while you and your spouse are listening to the gentle murmur of the river.

    Sure Russians are well known for their vodka drinking and it would seem like Sankt Petersburg is a perfect party location but its romantic setting and deep culture make it a great family Christmas destination. Got exited about travelling to Russia? Browse cheapest flights to Sankt Petersburg now.

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    hattfooke TgAvatar
    hattfooke wrote on March 12, 2009:

    Thank you!

    The Aussie TgAvatar
    The Aussie wrote on December 26, 2009:

    Thanks so much, some great destinations for me to investigate. Just one little point, Sydney is not the capital of Australia . A little place called the A.C.T, a.k.a the “Australian Capital Territory” where the capital is Canberra.Cheers.

    sotiris TgAvatar
    sotiris wrote on December 15, 2010:

    You didn’t mention Nurnberg in Bavaria (Germany) and the most classical Christmas destination in Europe which is Vienna in Austria. Istanbul for Christmas? Are you serious? Istanbul is a lovely city but not a Christmas destination…They do not believe in Christ there so the essence of the Christmas spirit is missing!

    mike TgAvatar
    mike wrote on December 24, 2010:

    My favorite is New York.

    Bella cruse TgAvatar
    Bella cruse wrote on October 17, 2012:

    Christmas is one of my favorite festival. As the Christmas is near I am planning to go on a family holiday tour and all the above places are amazing and interesting I must say.

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