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  • The 5 best wedding locations in the world

    So you’re both hardcore travelers, and since weddings are usually considered the happiest day of one’s life, you decided to make it even happier by doing what you really love: traveling!

    Finding a destination that would make a good place for a wedding is quite difficult, considering that it has to be accessible (unless you don’t plan on inviting too many people to your wedding), reasonably cheap and interesting too. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get married in a small chapel or just an abandoned beach, the important part is to have fun. So here are the 5 best wedding locations in the world.

    Las Vegas

    You can’t go wring with Las Vegas, whether you want your wedding to be held in a casino’s club, a hotel’s fancy bar or just one of the many drive-though chapels in the city.

    What in other places would seem extremely cheesy, in Las Vegas ends up being plain romantic. Themed weddings are also easy to organize in Las Vegas since there are plenty of chapels and companies that can take care of it for you. And if you want to be wedded by Elvis or some other long-gone celebrity, Las Vegas is the best possible location for your wedding.


    Mexico has one big advantage: it is an amazingly beautiful place. Plus, Mexico is great for luxury weddings or budget wedding. If you want a ritzy wedding, there are plenty of luxury hotels that can make a great wedding location, and you can find hotels that are really upscale but not overly expensive.

    If you choose the budget option, you can either find a cozy little traditional restaurant or club and have a Mexican-style party, or simply get married on the beach and party right there afterward.


    If it’s a beach wedding that you want, you can’t really go wring with Jamaica. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in Jamaica, and your wedding photos are definitely going to be beautiful, with the Jamaican landscape in the background.

    There are plenty of resorts in Jamaica, and luckily they cater for a wide range of budgets. Luxury resorts are not difficult to find, and many of them offer wedding packages (but these might be quite expensive).


    If you don’t mind hauling all your family and friends to another continent for your wedding, Italy is a very good choice. Rome definitely offers plenty of choices to those with hefty budgets, but if you want something more low-key, just pick a nice Italian town and celebrate your wedding there. Plus, your guests will adore the food and Italian wine.


    In Aruba, your marriage will be recognized only if it takes place at the Civil Townhouse, but once you’re done with the paperwork, you can have your wedding as you like it. You can have a religious wedding at a small, old church (although sometimes they also require some paperwork), or just skip the religious ceremony and head to a beach or meadow and get married there.

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    stefan TgAvatar
    stefan wrote on January 31, 2011:

    My wedding was in Oradea, Romania.
    It was nice…

    Newark-Flyer wrote on February 2, 2011:

    So the 6th should be Oradea but only if it’s Stefan’s wedding… 😛

    Charisse wrote on March 6, 2011:

    Yes! Wedding should be the happiest day of a couple whom decided to get married. And yes for couples who want to find the perfect place for their wedding it is not quit easy. It should be a wonderful and amazing place for both of you. Places just like the above mentioned are the best places a wedding could be held. Las Vegas, Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, and Aruba. If you are planning to get married the most important part is you should enjoy your wedding day.

    One of the best wedding location is at Margaret River. Wedding ceremonies can be held in Breweries, Wineries, or at any resort in Margaret River. Professional photographers are also within the locality for your wedding needs.

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