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  • Basic tips for a great cruise

    Cruises are becoming incredibly popular, and cheaper by the day. Nowadays you can go on a cruise even if you usually stick to budget traveling, especially if you have the good fortune of finding a deal.

    Cruises are unlike other vacations because their only focus is on pure and utter relaxation, and not much else. If you want adventure, a cruise is probably not for you, but if all you want is to lounge on deck with a good book and some tanning lotion, you’ll be in heaven. Good cruise deals are easy to find, but before you embark on your first cruise, there are a few things you should know. Here are some basic tips for a great cruise.

    Do buy your ticket in advance

     Even if you find a super cheap deal with travel dates starting next month, take the time to check the rates for a few months ahead too. You might just find even better rates if you can delay your trip for a few months. Often, you can buy tickets even a year in advance, and while the wait will be torturous, your wallet will appreciate it.

    Do take advantage of everything

    ¬†Cruise ships usually offer a wide variety of onboard activities, and some of them will be for free, or even included in the price of your ticket. When you book your cruise, check if they offer any freebies, and if they do, don’t forget about them. A free or half-price massage is always welcome, right?

    Do take shore excursions

    At every port of call, there will be shore excursions, although sometimes you will have to pay for them. SHore excursions can be organized by the cruise company, but often you can explore the ports on your own.

    Just don’t be late, or the ship will have to leave without you and you’ll have to make your way to the next port of call on your own.

    Don’t leave common sense at home

    While it might seem that all the guests on the ship are part of a big happy community, use your common sense just like at home. Lock you cabin door at night, don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t give out too much personal information to random strangers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize, on the contrary.

    Don’t try anything at once

    On your first day you might be tempted to do anything at once, but unless you want to spend the following few days sunburned, hungover, penniless and tired, take it slowly.



    Don’t spend too much

    Not even all-inclusive cruises are ever completely all inclusive, so you will need some money with your onboard. And unless you want to end up broke at the end of your trip, don’t spend too much, even if that extra drink at dinner sounds oh so enticing.

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